Juan Morel Wins 2019 New York Pro

Morel is now a 2-time winner at this show.

If you look at the shows that take place in the IFBB Pro League, the shows can be placed in tiers when it comes to the level of prestige. The Olympia is obviously the top show and the Arnold Classic in Ohio is the second biggest title. After that, there are a few that can be considered the third level. The other Arnold shows in Australia and South America would be there thanks to the man they are named after.

Another one is the New York Pro. Promoted by Steve Weinberger, this is the biggest show to take place in the New York City area and several of the biggest stars in the sport have won here including Dexter Jackson, Kai Greene, and Cedric McMillan.

Another past champion is Juan Morel who could call this event his hometown event. He is already qualified for the Olympia thanks to his win in South America earlier in the season but a chance to win this title for the 2nd time was too good to pass up. So he joined Akim Williams, Jon Delarosa, and several other athletes who were looking to be the last man standing.

1st – Juan Morel

He came, he saw, and he conquered. Morel showed up at this event even better than he did at the Arnold South America and left no doubt he would leave with his second NY Pro win. The only noticeable criticism would be with his legs which has always been the knock on his physique. The conditioning overall was on point and his confidence showed which is what you want to convey to the judges when you’re posing. The focus for the NYC native now is solely on the Olympia.

2nd – Akim Williams

This is the fifth time this year Williams has competed this season and the third time he has finished second. He is very thick and has great legs but there have been different issues for him this season. It has either been lack of conditioning or detail or both that have kept him from the winner’s spot.
He was ripped and was placed next to Morel in the final callouts but his back may have been what caused him to take second here. Morel is also a taller athlete which helps him. Williams has high lat insertions and appeared to be holding water which might have been the problem for him at this show.

3rd – Milan Sadek

The battle for third was between Sadek and Jon Delarosa. Sadek, a former 212 division competitor who moved up to Open, appeared to be more balanced from head to toe. Tanning and oil is also important and Delarosa’s wasn’t the best. The judges gave the edge to Sadek as a result.

New York Pro Open Top 5

1st – Juan Morel
2nd – Akim Williams
3rd – Milan Sadek
4th – Jon Delarosa
5th – Justin Rodriguez

How This Affects the Olympia

Morel already had his qualification spot for the Olympia wrapped up. Williams gains more points in the season long points system and will likely have enough now to make it to Vegas. To learn more about the rankings as they stand as well as to get tickets to see the winners here at the Olympia, go to www.mrolympia.com .

Other Divisions

212 Pound Division – Former Olympia runner-up Ahmad Ashkanani scored the win at this contest over second place Eduardo Correa. Kerrith Baijo finished in the 3rd place spot.

Classic Physique – Keone Pearson leaves this show with the win and Olympia qualification. Alex Cambronero is the runner-up and Kenneth Owens rounds out the Top 3.

Men’s Physique – Kyron Holden wins over Anthony Gilles and now will move on to the big show in Las Vegas this September. 3rd place went to Frenando Chala.

Figure – Jessica Reyes Padilla stood out in a tough lineup that included 2nd place winner Nicole Zenobia Graham and Rhea Gayle who finished in the 3rd spot.

Bikini – In the only other ladies’ division at this show, Mariella Pellegrino would take the title followed by Jennifer Dorie in second and Ashley Nicastro finishing in the bronze position on the podium.

Featured image: @juandieselmorel on Instagram