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Strength in Depth UK Rowing

Strength in Depth UK Day 2 Recap

The action picked up in London both in the water and on land. The second day of Strength in Depth UK started with rowing and finished with a lot of reps. The men,

Britains Strongest Man 2020

Adam Bishop Wins 2020 Britain’s Strongest Man

Giants Live hosted their first event of the calendar year at Sheffield, England, and it saw a new champion of Britain being crowned. Adam Bishop, who finished last year as the runner-up, leaves

Martins Licis 2020

Arnold Strongman USA 2020 Results

With hundreds of fans and celebrities in attendance including Arnold Schwarzenegger and the California sun providing the spotlight, 13 athletes from around the world showed up to the Arnold Strongman USA hoping to

2020 CrossFit Mayhem Results

2020 CrossFit Mayhem Classic Results and Recap

This weekend, the first CrossFit Sanctionals competition for 2020 wrapped up down in Cookeville, Tennessee.  The CrossFit Mayhem Classic kicked off on Friday and ran through Sunday and it was an absolutely electrifying

CrossFit Open National Champions

2020 CrossFit Open National Champions Announced

Almost two months following the final CrossFit Open workout, we finally have the announced National Champions for the 2020 CrossFit Open.  Yesterday evening, CrossFit HQ shared a press release that highlighted the athletes