CrossFit Games Announces 2016 Events for Teens and Masters

The CrossFit Games Masters and Teen competitions take place from Tuesday, July 19th through Thursday, July 21st. And while HQ likes to keep some Individual and Team events secret until the day of (or right before), they’re usually more generous about previewing Masters and Teens workouts. And 2016 is no exception.

The CrossFit Games site has released six out of seven total (probably?) workouts for Masters and Teens, along with funnier-than-usual names for each.

Event 1, “California Club”

8 Deadlifts
40 GHD Sit-ups
80 Double-unders
4 Rope climbs
80 Wall-ball shots
4 Rope climbs
80 Double-unders
40 GHD sit-ups
8 Deadlifts

The heaviest the deadlifts will get is 365/255 lb for the younger Masters groups and 335/205 lb for the oldest teens.

Event 2, “Adiós Amigos”

12-9-6 reps of:

*Loads increase each round

Think of this as really heavy “Amanda.”

Event 3, “Feel The Berm”

4 rounds:
Berm run
20 Burpee box jumps

We’ll be honest: We’re not 100% sure exactly what this “berm run” will look like just yet, but in years past this has included athletes running up and over a raised spectator ramp along the StubHub Center’s soccer stadium.

Event 4, “Deuce-Deuce”

22 Toes-to-bars
22 Clean & jerks
160-m Shuttle sprint

These clean & jerks are light, 95/65 lb at the heaviest divisions.

Event 5, “Squat Clean”

1-rep-max Squat clean

This event has a 5-minute time cap and begins 1 minute after Event 4.

Event 6, “D-Ball Triplet”

3 rounds:
12 Thrusters
6 Bar muscle-ups
3 D-ball cleans

After Event 6, the top 10 athletes from each division advance to the final workout.

Event 7, “TBA”


The only mystery right now is Event 7, but we’re assuming “TBA” isn’t going to be what it’s ultimately called. (That’s a joke, folks.)

Full scalings for different Teen and Masters categories can be found here.

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