This CrossFit Themed Marriage Proposal Will Give You All the Feels

Maybe it’s the tiny sliver of hopeless romantic in me, but I really enjoy watching marriage proposals. Everything about them is awesome. The surprised looks, the overly happy cries of joy, and the quick thought that true love might still exist. Then, factor in something like working out and fitness, and you have yourself a killer video that ties in some of the best things in life.

Earlier this October, at 229 CrossFit in Albany, Georgia, Chaz Zenga found himself with a rare opportunity. Him and his soon to be fiancee Dana Kirkland found themselves working out their box like any other day, but today would be slightly different.

Their coach Zach Hood began the workout like normal, and used Zenga and Kirkland as “warm-up” examples. This entailed them matching their feet together in a lunge, while Kirkland performed lunges looking up with a plate overhead. As she did so, Hood subtly passed an engagement ring to Zenga, and you could probably guess the rest. Check out the viral proposal video below.

What started as a sneaky way for two strength athletes to tie the knot has now grown into a massively viral video. The video has accumulated over 14 million views and 14k shares on Facebook alone.

And if you liked this video, then you’re in luck. Marriage proposals in the gym are becoming increasingly more common, at least they seem to be from all the videos out there. If you’re not a fan of corny proposal videos, then viewer be warned.

But if you are, I’ve included two of our (my) favorite gym-themed marriage proposals.

Shakas and Snatches Wedding Proposal

Furious Pete Workout Proposal

Yes, some of these videos are a little over the top, but that’s kind of the point. And whether you love these types of videos, or they make you cringe, there’s no denying that someone else’s pure happiness can bring a little joy to your day.

Hats off and best wishes to Chaz Zenga and Dana Kirkland in their new engagement.

Feature image screenshot from Dana Kirkland Facebook page.