Dana Linn Bailey Demonstrates How To Get Olympia-Level Abs

Learn how the former Women's Physique Olympia champion trains her washboard abs.

Former Women’s Physique Olympia champion Dana Linn Bailey performed an abdominal sculpting session outside her WarHouse Gym. The training session was published on her YouTube channel on Oct. 17, 2022.

Everyone likes a good core.

Bailey is well known for her cannonball delts and her shredded midsection. She shared why having a strong core is vital to everything else one does in the gym and to improving the functionality of everyday life. Follow along as she explains step by step how to build a killer core in the video below:

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Dana Linn Bailey’s Back Workout

Below are the exercises in the same order performed by Bailey during her workout:

  • Halos
  • Frog Sit-Ups
  • Thread the Needle 
  • Black Widow Knee Slide
  • Russian Twists

Below is a breakdown of each movement performed by Bailey. All five exercises are done as a giant set with 30 seconds rest in between each movement, done back to back:

Halos (Hip Circles)

First up was the abdominal halo to target the lower abs. The objective is to draw a circle with your feet going clockwise. Then, at the bottom of the movement, you reverse it counterclockwise. The exercise is performed for time.

 Ten minutes of work, five exercises.

Bailey performed four total sets for one-minute increments each. She explained that, for beginners, a minute may not be possible, so use one-minute increments as a target to aspire to.

Frog Sit-Ups (Butterfly Sit-Ups)

When performing a crunch movement,  the hip flexors often take on the brunt of the work. However, this is an ab workout, not a hip workout, so Bailey advises keeping your feet together like a frog to limit biasing the hip flexors.

Bailey feels this in her hamstrings as well as her abs. Though it is a small movement, focus on using your abs to pull you up, not your hips. Laying down in the starting position with your feet together, engage your abs to flex your spine to bring your torso nearly upright. Then reverse that motion, again using your abs to flex your spine as you lower your torso to the floor.

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Thread the Needle (High Plank)

A high plank variation called “threading the needle” is next. Bailey split the minute of work into 30 seconds on each side. She performed a hip dip, thread her arm under and back up, then repeated, maintaining her plank position throughout.  This is a great movement for obliques and serratus.

Bailey reiterated that if you’re unable to do 30 seconds on each side, work your way up. It should be challenging,  but not impossible. 

Black Widow Knee Slide

Again in a high plank position, Bailey drove her right knee to her right elbow, slides it up, kick-back, set it down, and repeat. The critical detail for this movement is the slide up — crunch into a little ball and round forward.

This workout uses the abs for stability in many of its movements. Bailey programs exercises that build a strong core for training in the gym but also for day-to-day life.

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Russian Twists

The fifth and final movement targeted the obliques. For a traditional Russian twist, bring the legs up in a V-up position, or leave your feet on the ground for better stability. Lean back slightly, then engage the oblique to turn the torso through the oblique’s full range of motion — this is unlikely to be a large turn.

There is no reason NOT to have a strong core! You can do this workout anywhere.

If body weight doesn’t pose enough resistance, add load via a weight plate, a dumbbell, or a kettlebell.

Featured image: @danalinnbaileyon Instagram