Daniella Melo Goes Big With Her Latest 227.5kg (501 lb) Squat PR

Less than three weeks out.

The IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships are quickly approaching. This year, the Championships are taking place in Calgary, Canada and are set to kick off on June 5th and run through June 17th. Powerlifting athlete Daniella Melo will be competing in the -84kg weight class and is aiming to take down more than a couple world records.

Melo already owns the -84kg Open squat world record with her 206.5kg squat from the 2017 Championships, but that record will only stand for another couple weeks. In her latest video, Melo squats a milestone PR at 227.5kg (501 lbs) and makes it look relatively easy. You can always tell when Melo’s lifts are easy for her because she often gives a smile at the end to indicate something like, “Wait, that was it?”

For context, this feat tops her current IPF Open world record by a massive 21kg.

Melo’s last formal competition took place over two months ago at the 2018 Arnold Classic. At the Arnold, she competed in the USA Powerlifting SBD Pro American Invitational and put up multiple numbers that would top a couple of the current IPF Open world records (one of which she already owns).

At the meet, Melo hit a 222.5kg squat, a 122.5kg bench press, and a 227.5kg deadlift (another unofficial world record). All of these lifts earned her a total of 572kg, which unofficially topped the -84kg Open total world record by a ridiculous 34.5kg margin.

Although, Melo’s squat isn’t the only lift that she’s been crushing in her latest training videos. Check out this strong deadlift video where Melo pulls 215kg for four easy reps.


With her most recent squat video, her meet results at the Arnold, and her deadlift videos from the past couple weeks, we’re confident the -84kg world records won’t stand for too much longer.

Feature image from @daniellamelo Instagram page.