Dimitar Savatinov Sets New World Record with 310 Pound Dumbbell Press

Due to his prior competition obligations, we won’t see Dimitar Savatinov competing at the World’s Strongest Man competition in August. But that doesn’t mean the Russian-born strongman isn’t doing big things this season. Last week, Savatinov bested his previous circus dumbbell world record by two pounds, successfully hoisting 310 pounds overhead in competition.

An excerpt of Savatinov’s reaction to his record lift — originally posted on his Facebook page — is excerpted below.

My new Dumbbell press World Record showing here.Its 310 lbs (141 kg) .Very hard dumbbell to balance but I got it,I’m very happy about it and I had to do it, it was present for my wife birthday she had the day I was lifting it,I wanna thank Her my wife Kat for supporting me in every step of this insane thing,my Mom my Sister Maria and neece Tedi for being the best support on other side of the pound,I wanna thank my sponsors Debbie Ecksten PlayAgainNow the best recovery ,joint ,tendon , ligament fixing supplement.Ken Anderson from AndersonPowerlifting supporting me with the best supportive gear from SBD-USA , SBD and also the strongest gym in Florida where I train Ironhouse Fl and the owner and my training partner Alan Colley and Bruce Klein letting me do my cardio and all other stuff at Anytime Fitness, also everybody who believe and encourage me to be better every day.

Savatinov’s new record won’t get nearly the press of, say, Eddie Hall’s 500 kilogram deadlift, but it’s an impressive accomplishment nonetheless. The circus dumbbell is — in a few of our writers’ minds, at least — one of strongman’s more underrated disciplines, one that challenges raw strength in addition to balance, coordination, explosiveness, and technique.

Just think of it this way: A 310 pound clean & jerk is already an accomplishment in and of itself for many males in the strength sport community. Imagine putting that weight overhead with one hand, and you’ve narrowed down the capable population to just a few names. Currently, Savatinov is the only one who’s definitively proven he’s got what it takes.