Eddie Hall Makes 155kg Clean & Presses Look Like a Joke

When you can deadlift more than any other human being in history — 500 solid kilograms, to be specific — 155kg/340 pounds probably doesn’t seem that intimidating. But Eddie Hall wants to prove he’s more than just an historically great puller: He wants to become the world’s top strongman, and he’s rounding out his strength game to do just that.

Earlier this week, Hall posted a video on his Facebook fan page of some easy looking clean & presses, done strongman style with a continental clean to rack the bar. (Hall’s power belly deserves some serious credit for that portion of the lift, though we’re pretty sure he’s capable of muscle cleaning this, too.)

But besides the clean — hey, we’ve seen much heavier cleans from much lighter folks, after all — there were two things that impressed us with the video: The ridiculous ease with which he presses the barbell, and the fact that he does the lift nine times in roughly 90 seconds. Hall rips through his first six reps with just a couple seconds in between, then takes a little more time on the last three clean & presses.

His video reminds us that while Open category strongmen are big — BIG — athletes, they’re usually not just training for one max lift. The relays and max rep events required of them mean training for bursts of a minute or longer. They’re giants who move heavy weight quickly and dynamically, and they train to do it over and over again in a short time period. We guess that makes them sort of like the offensive tackles of strength sports.

To see these behemoths in action, we won’t have to wait long. Hall is now gearing up for the 2016 World’s Strongest Man contest, which is happening later this month in Botswana.

Featured Image: Eddie Hall on Instagram (@eddie_hall_strong)