Fire Breaks Out at Eleiko, But Production and Headquarters Remain Operational

Over the weekend, Swedish news outlet Hallandsposten reported a large fire broke out in an industrial area of Halmstad, destroying an Eleiko warehouse in addition to several other properties from area businesses. For awhile, it was unclear to English speaking audiences exactly how much of the famed Swedish barbell manufacturer and their operations were effected.

After speculation in online forums, company representatives have begun to shed some light on the situation. In a Weightlifting Forums post on March 26th, Eleiko USA President Rickard Blomberg (or someone posting under his name) posted that no one was injured during the fire, and the company’s manufacturing and headquarters were unaffected. The post also pointed out that Eleiko has a separate distribution center for the United States, which is located in Chicago.

Founded in 1957, Eleiko is headquarters in Halmstad, Sweden. They’re one of the world’s most recognizable fitness equipment brands, and while they’re known especially well for their Olympic barbells, Eleiko has started diversifying their offerings into everything from dumbbells and kettlebells to pull-up rigs. Since 2014, they have also served as the official equipment partner of the National Pro Grid League.

Blomberg’s attributed quote from that forum was backed up in a press release issued from Eleiko’s website, clarifying that the fire resulted in no injuries and that the company hopes any effects on consumers will be temporary and short-lived. The release also gives a contact number for the company and an email for CEO Erik Blomberg for any questions or concerns.

Beyond “short term implications on our lead times,” it’s still unclear exactly how the fire will affect Eleiko — and indeed, the world’s barbell supply — in the near future. Hallandsposten’s article quotes Gunnila Blomberg — a member of the family that primarily owns and operates Eleiko — as saying the warehouse was full of goods in preparation for shipment, which could mean extra products will need to be made to fulfill outstanding orders

As of now, the company hasn’t announced any pauses in ordering capabilities or price changes resulting from a stop in supply. We’ll keep our eyes on the situation and report back as more updates come in.

Interested in learning more about Eleiko? Check out this company video from 2013, featuring some great shots of lifts on their equipment.