Janae Kroc Documentary Promises a Look at Life As a Transgender Powerlifter

“For as far back as I can remember, I’ve had two desires: to be strong and to be a woman.”

The trailer for a documentary about Janae “Kroc” Kroczaleski just hit the internet, and it promises an in-depth look at a unique and fascinating figure in the sport of powerlifting. Born Matt Kroczaleski, Kroczaleski began competing in powerlifting as a teenager and to this day holds the UPA world record total in the 220-pound class with 2,551 pounds.

In her own words, she was the “ultimate alpha male” and the “manliest of the manly men,” which made it a surprise for some the powerlifting world when he publicly came out as a transgender woman in 2015, a few months after legally changing her name to Janae Marie Kroczaleski. According to her Instagram account, she identifies as “transgender/genderfluid/non binary,” with some of her posts using the term “genderless.”

In the trailer, Kroczaleski describes a feeling of being pulled between two worlds: “I don’t think I’m comfortable as an extremely muscular woman, but as a guy that’s the only way I’m comfortable.” The films tagline describes it as as Kroc facing “his most challenging feat of strength yet: becoming a woman.”

In an Instagram post this morning, Kroczaleski revealed that the documentary was filmed over the past two years and includes footage from when she was outed in 2015.

You’ll see the reactions of my friends and family including those of my parents (which aren’t the most supportive) and my three sons (which are very understanding).

You’ll see me as I struggle to balance my passion for strength training with my femininity and follow me to South Korea and California as i undergo vocal feminization surgery and facial feminization surgery.

“Transformer” is directed by Michael del Monte and will screen at the Austin Film Festival on October 28.

Featured image via M FILMS on YouTube.