Check Out Powerlifter Jesus Olivares Deadlift a Colossal 388.5kg/857lbs

Olivares inching closer and closer to a 1000kg total.

Jesus Olivares is a 21-year-old powerlifter who stayed away from the competitive scene in his later teenage years. However in 2019, Olivares made his comeback into the junior division in dominant fashion.

He claimed gold in the 120+kg weight class at the USA Powerlifting Winter Iron Open in Texas right before Christmas last year racking up these stats:

  • Squat: 340kg/749.5lb
  • Bench Press: 215kg/474kg
  • Deadlift: 347kg/766lb
  • Total: 902kg/1989lb

It seems the biggest takeaway from that meet for Olivares was the desire to hit a 1000kg/2,204.6lb total in 2020. Although there have been a lot of powerlifting events canceled or postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Olivares has not wavered in his training to hit that goal. His biggest gains coming in the deadlift.

Check out Olivares’ gigantic 388.5kg/857lbs deadlift courtesy of the post below from King of the Lifts Instagram page:

Turns out a barn is a good a place as any to pull heavy.

“…this bumps up my training total to 2199[lb]/997.5kg…definitely have one more LB to add on bench or squat…1000kg will happen in 2020.”

Being just a pound shy of the 1000kg/2,204lb milestone has to be a nice confidence boost for Olivares. Especially since he absolutely annihilated his previous competition best squat of 340kg/749.5lb by a full 10kg/22lb in training recently. Check out the 350kg/771lb squat he hit in training in the post below from his Instagram page:

“The show must go on…have about 9 training sessions left before we have a little mock meet, just to have an idea of what I would’ve hit and where I am at that point!”

Where he would have hit at this point if it were a sanctioned meet is almost undoubtedly past the 1000kg/2,204lb goal he set for himself in 2020. After all, it is not like his bench press was lagging in any way.

The 225kg/497lb press in the post above is also a full 10kg/22lb heavier than his competition best.

Although it is unclear when the next sanctioned meet Olivares can compete in will be, it is clear he is going to have to set a new goal for 2020.

Feature image from King of the Lifts Instagram page: @kingofthelifts