Holy Hamstrings: Joe Sullivan Hits a 275kg 20-Second Eccentric Deadlift

If your hamstrings are already tight, then prepare for what you’re about to see. Powerlifter Joe Sullivan just hit one of the longer eccentric deadlifts that we’ve seen with a massive 275kg (605 lbs). In fact, we think Sullivan just changed the name of the game when it comes to tempo.

Instead of doing your normal controlled 4-5 second eccentric on the deadlift — which is already tough in its own right — he hit a ridiculous 20-second tempo in his latest video. That’s right, 275kg (605 lbs) bar weight with a 20-second descent.

In Sullivan’s Instagram video’s description he writes, “20 second eccentric deadlift with 605. I am death and so am I” Check out the video below.

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From his videos over the last month, Sullivan has stated that he’s really trying to work on bringing up his deadlift. Judging from this latest 20-second eccentric, we’re optimistic that Sullivan’s deadlift will be moving in the right direction in the very near future.

Earlier this year in May, Sullivan was set to compete at the Kern US Open in the 90kg weight class, but unfortunately barely missed weight. This led him to competing as a guest lifter on Sunday and to focus all of his energy on his upcoming training.

As of right now, Sullivan hasn’t shared many details in regards to his next meet and weight class goals, but he’s been moving some serious weight on his Instagram page. Four days ago, he smoked this 400kg (880 lb) squat at the recent EliteFTS Learn to Train X seminar.

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In respects to other eccentric focused deadlifts, this deadlift may be one of the longer eccentrics we’ve seen at this weight. It reminds us somewhat of that time when Pete Rubish did a 10-second pause deadlift with 297kg (655 lbs).

Have you ever seen a longer eccentric with this weight or heavier? If so, share it below in the comments!

Feature image from @joesullivanpowerlifter Instagram page.