Jon Call (Jujimufu) Tries Weightlifting at Mash Elite Performance

Jon Call, or Jujimufu, is the self-proclaimed ‘anabolic acrobat’ that I can almost guarantee you’ve seen on Instagram at some point in your life. He’s one of the few strength athletes who can pull off holding a splits on top of chairs, while holding a barbell over his head.

In fact, he was on America’s Got Talent back in 2016 for his crazy acrobatic strength. Now you’re probably thinking, “Oh I have seen him, wait, that’s Jon Call?” Yup. If you’re still lost, check out the video below, and you’ll quickly gain an understanding of who Call, or Jujimufu is.

Recently, Call has been pumping out some awesome YouTube videos. And we thought one of his last videos was deserving of an article. It features Call training and learning Olympic lifting at Mash Elite Performance with some of the most renowned weightlifting coaches in the United States, including Travis Mash and Don McCauley.

Personally, I think this video is great because it shows Call, a weathered strength athlete, starting from ground zero. Olympic lifting can be intimidating to start, so seeing someone like himself with his experience learning from scratch is humanizing. But that’s not all, here a few other aspects that made this video great.

  • Awesome coaching with feedback from Travis Mash & Don McCauley.
  • Clips of Nathon Damron, Morgan McCullough, and others in the background.
  • A pretty cool BarBend banner in the background *cough cough*.
  • Movement walk-through commentary from the coaches and Call, along with what Call had previously thought before being corrected.
  • Hints of Clarence Kennedy coming in the next couple of months to lift with Call and at Mash.

Besides the coaching in the video, the last point is pretty dang exciting. Not to mention, Mash talks about having him and Damron go head to head with squats. Now that would be an epic squat battle.

Feature image screenshot from Jujimufu YouTube Channel.