Larry “Wheels” Williams Benches 225 lbs for Max Reps. Can You Guess How Many He Made?

If you had to guess how many reps world record holding powerlifter Larry “Wheels” Williams got on an AMRAP 225 lb bench press, what would you guess? To give some context and to aid in your guess, the top performers at the 2017 NFL Combine got around 35 reps. So now, what do you think?

If you guessed North of the top NFL prospects, then you guessed correctly. Two days ago, Williams shared a video of himself benching 225 lbs for a ridiculous 50 reps, aka 15 more than the NFL’s top combine performer. Check out the ridiculous video below.

To top it off, Williams is currently in a cut as he preps for his first bodybuilding show, and is sitting at a weight right around 260 lbs. In about five weeks, Williams will be taking the stage to compete at the NPC Gold Coast Muscle Classic, which takes place on February 3rd in California.

Over the last week, Williams and fitness YouTuber Terron F. Beckham worked on a collaboration and recorded some seriously crazy lifts. In addition to the 50 rep 225 lb bench press, Williams also benched 405 lbs for 15 reps (although he’s hit more before), and states in his Instagram video’s description that he hadn’t flat benched for about a month prior to the lift, and he’s in a caloric deficit.

If you’re a Williams fan, then these sets only add to his crazy pressing resume. Williams’ current best ever bench press in training sits at 630 lbs, which he shared back in mid-December as a throwback post.

Check out Williams’ best ever bench press video below .

And the crazy bench press videos weren’t the only sets Williams and Beckham filmed that had crazy volume. Williams also features high rep sets on his Instagram page of a seated barbell shoulder press and a high bar back squat.

For those in need of some leg volume, check out the video below of Williams high bar squatting 455 lbs for a staggering 19 reps. Watching this set alone is exhausting.

As we wrap up 2017 and move into 2018, we’re excited to see watch Williams will do in both powerlifting and bodybuilding.

Feature image screenshot from @larrywheels Instagram page.