Luke Richardson: The Teenage British Powerlifter Phenom You Need to Know

Luke Richardson is a STRONG teenage British powerlifter. At the young age of 19, Richardson has already built an impressive resume of lifts with a 320.5kg (705 lb) junior squat record, 330kg (726 lb) deadlift, and 180kg (390 lb) bench. This past month, Richardson competed in the British Junior Men and Women’s Classic Championships where he put up an amazing 830.5kg (1,827 lb) total.

At BarBend we love seeing younger athletes perform impressive feats of strength and Richardson is definitely doing that. Richardson has only competed in two competitions and has broke a handful of records, while putting up his 1,827 lb total. Being only a year into his powerlifting career, Richardson has built quite the list of accomplishments. We thought it was only fitting to reach out and get to know this teenage powerlifting phenom a little more. 

Getting to Know Luke

Jake Boly: Luke – to introduce yourself to the BarBend community, what’s your full name, age, height, and weight class you compete in?

Luke Richardson: Luke Richardson, 19 years old, 6ft 3, Junior (u23) 120+kg class.

Boly: What’s your best meet total? What are you personal all time best lifts?

Richardson: I’ve only done two competitions but my best meet total is from the British Championship, which was 830.5kg (320.5kg squat, 180kg bench, 330kg deadlift) at 125kg bodyweight. I have all the Yorkshire and North East Junior records in -120kg and 120+kg along with a load of senior ones. I have the Junior British squat record of 320.5kg.

Boly: Wow. That’s a ton of records after only two competitions. How long have you been powerlifting?

Richardson: I have been powerlifting for a year and training in the gym coming up 3 years.

Boly: Cool, so what got you into this sport?

Richardson: I have always been the strongest when I was growing up so when I started weight training it made sense for me to pursue powerlifting.  When I took a more keen interest to weight training I began watching loads of powerlifers on YouTube and thought it was pretty cool! At about 17 I came across the 5 by 5 training program and things took off from there!

Boly: So many lifters develop their love from the 5×5 program, do you have an athletic background?

Richardson: My athletic background is mostly from football and climbing as a kid.

Boly: What are your current goals and visions for your next meet or training cycle?

Richardson: My current vision is to win at least one IPF Junior world title before I turn 23 (then I’ll be a senior). My next meet is in March which will be the IPF European Championships in Estonia. My plan for this competition if first and foremost to win and build a bigger total, but additionally I’d like to break the junior deadlift world record in the 120+kg class which currently stands at 342.5kg at this competition. Since I am quite far out from this competition the next few training cycles are purely focused on building muscle. This means a lot more exercise variation to try and target my lagging muscle areas in order to become a more rounded powerlifter.

Boly: Best of luck to you, it seems like you’re on the right path! You haven’t been in the sport too long, but what’s been the most important lesson you’ve learned thus far from powerlifting?

Richardson: The most important lesson that I’ve learned so far from powerlifting and weight training in general is that you get out what you put in. If you try hard enough and want something bad enough you will make it happen, regardless of lifestyle circumstances

Boly: That sounds like great life advice in general. Do you have any advice for someone who’s new to training and interested in competing?

Richardson: My advice to anyone who is new to training and interested in competing is to surround yourself with people who know more than you do. I’m lucky enough to train at a facility with some of the strongest men in history. Always be willing to learn!
Boly: Completely agree with you there. Now – I have a few rapid fire questions for you. What are two fun facts people might not know about you?

Richardson: I still get caught sucking my thumb sometimes (a lot of laughter). And I get all of my natural strength from my mum – she insists on telling everyone I meet this.

Boly: If you had to choose ONE exercise to do for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Richardson: My heart tells me deadlifts, but the only lift anyone cares about is bench so it would probably have to be that (laughs).

Boly: Favorite music to train to?

Richardson: I have a very diverse music taste, however I like training to rock and metal?

Boly: Favorite “windows up” song?

Richardson: Current favorite is “Fire In Your Eyes” – Chase & Status.

Boly: That’s great. Thank you for the time Luke, keep up the heavy lifting and best of luck at your next meet!

Feature image from @lukeerichardson Instagram page