Mart Seim Squats a 375kg (826 lbs) Beltless Double Five Weeks Out From Worlds

Estonian +105kg weightlifter Mart Seim is no stranger to putting up big weight, especially when it comes to the back squat. He’s a weightlifter that would give most what we’d call “squat envy” due to his explosive strength and ability to hold upwards of 400kg (880 lbs) beltless with ease.

Currently, Seim is in prep for the 2017 IWF World Championships taking place November 28th-December 5th in Anaheim, California. With about 5-weeks until Seim takes the competition floor, he’s moving closer to dialing in all of the work put in during his prep.

Yesterday, Seim shared a speedy back squat double at 375kg (826 lbs) on his Instagram page, and to top it off, it was beltless. Check out the video below.

Outside of weightlifting, this is a pretty significant set for Seim, as his back squat max is currently 400kg (880 lbs). If he was able to move 375kg for a double with that much ease, then we’d guess his true max is a little higher than what he currently has listed/attempted.

[Watch Mart Seim squat 270kg (595 lbs) for 12-reps, or perform a little squat cardio as we call it.]

As stated on his Instagram, Seim’s best clean & jerk sits at 248kg (546 lbs) and snatch at 190kg (418 lbs). Seim’s last major international competition was at the 2017 Senior European Championships where he came in fifth overall with a 180kg snatch and a 246kg clean & jerk, which earned him a 426kg total.

Seim’s weightlifting videos on his Instagram have been just about as impressive as his back squat video above. Check out one of his recent 180kg pause snatch video, which is only 10kg off his best ever snatch, and 7kg from his Rio performance.

Now the question remains, will Seim be able to top his best lifts, or the lifts he put up at the Rio Olympics when he compete’s at this year’s Worlds? He’s showing some great promise from his recent videos.

Feature image screenshot from @martseim Instagram page.