Mike O’Hearn and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son, Joseph Baena, Build Terminator-Worthy Arms

The power-bodybuilder hits arms with Baena at his Schwarzenegger's old stomping grounds: Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, CA.

Towering at six-foot, two inches tall on a 270-pounds-of-muscle frame, actor, bodybuilder, and former American Gladiator Mike O’Hearn is a familiar face at Gold’s Gym but not as familiar as “The Austrian Oak” Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose son, Joseph Baena, is his spitting image. O’Hearn uploaded an arm training session to his YouTube channel on Aug. 11, 2022, wherein Baena joined him for a hardcore sleeve-busting workout in a tight 55 minutes.

O’Hearn gave Baena a rundown of the workout, which included some heavy biceps and triceps movements. Entering the gym with purpose, O’Hearn aimed to guide Baena through an “old-school” arm workout with a “new-school” twist to push Baena’s physique towards that of his father’s in his prime.

O’Hearn started with heavy reverse grip bench presses, working up to 405 pounds to warm up his triceps. Soon after, Baena arrived, and they got right to it. Check out the full workout below:

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Superset: Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extensions & Barbell Curls

Baena started the workout with lying dumbbell triceps extensions, a meat-and-potato movement for any arm workout as it is a compound movement that works the bulk of the triceps. They opt for a dual dumbbell variation as this will work each triceps equally and not allow a strong side to take over most of the force. 

Baena and O’Hearn grabbed sets of 40-pound dumbbells and focused on strict form — slow eccentrics and a squeeze at peak contraction.

Baena discussed the details of the exercise, with little tweaks one learns through experience that make the movement more effective. Baena, like his father, enjoys supersetting triceps with biceps. Baena and O’Hearn moved to the standing fixed barbell curl to finish the superset strong.

Superset: Incline Dumbbell Triceps Extensions & Barbell Curls

For the next superset, Baena went for an incline variation of the previous dumbbell triceps extensions. He stuck with standing barbell curls for his biceps movement but with a slightly different grip.

You don’t start counting [reps] until you’re really feeling the burn. When you get that burn, that’s when you really feel growth.

Both Baena and O’Hearn were synergistic in their training. They believe in simple, practical exercises with slight tweaks from set to set for a fast-paced muscle-grinding workout. 

Worry about the larger pieces first and get them out of the way.

They finished their workout after two supersets but with plenty of volume that helped them achieve solid pumps. Baena noted he would typically do an additional movement like dips to finish a session, but he was pretty worn out from hitting his chest the day before.

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Wrap Up

At just 24 years of age, Baena could have quite a bodybuilding career ahead of him if he sticks to his current plan built by the knowledge of bodybuilders like his father and O’Hearn. It isn’t clear if/when Baena will choose to compete in his first bodybuilding show, but that is likely when he will get a better sense of what he is capable of.

For the time being, Baena seems content improving his physique day by day. O’Hearn’s recent arm session with Baena proved that even at the level of stardom and genetic gifts Baena has garnered, there are always more ways to improve in the gym.

Featured image: @joebaena on Instagram