Monday Motivation: Ali Ludwig’s (Hilarious) Squat Jerk PR

Weightlifting is hard, so it’s good when lifters can laugh off training mishaps – because otherwise, that sh!t will drag your whole day down. So when Ali Ludwig (a +75kg lifter out of Waxman’s Gym) recently “missed” a 120kg power jerk, we couldn’t help but laugh along with her at the unintentional (and pretty good looking) squat jerk personal record.

Check out the lift below. It’s best viewed WITH sound to hear Ali and her training partners’ reactions to the didn’t-mean-to-but-still-made-it catch.

Kudos to your mobility, Ali. Maybe let us know if we can borrow some?

Of course, Ali Ludwig is more than just a pretty good and deprecating squat jerker (it looks like she generally split jerks in competition). She’s also a strong up and coming superheavyweight who’s been making some pretty impressive progress according to recent training videos.

Here she is with a 405lb back squat.

And some snappy hang cleans up to 135kg/297 pounds.

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To see a little of how far Ali’s come in the past couple years, check out this video from less than two years ago, where Ludwig hit a PR clean & jerk of 110kg. From the looks of things, that’s baby weight for her these days.

Featured image: @aliannludwig on Instagram