Nathan Damron (94kg, USA) Cleans 207kg in Training

We’ve seen Nathan Damron squat 700 pounds, block clean 212kg, and even do a one-legged backflip. Now, the 94kg weightlifter out of Mash Elite looks like he’s tuning up for his next competition, American Open Series 3 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Yesterday, Damron posted a training video update with a 207kg clean. We’re not going to say it looked light, but at the end of a workout with lots of heavy lifts, this is certainly still in his wheelhouse.

Oh, and check out that sweet BarBend banner in the background!

That’s 456 pounds for those of us who are kilogram-challenged. (Note that if you’re serious about your weightlifting fandom, it’s a good idea to get used to kilos!)

Last week, Damron also posted a video of his 162kg block snatch PR.

And then there was this snappy looking 200kg hang clean PR from just over a week ago.

Damron last competed at the 2017 Pan American Weightlifting Championships, where he finished with a 150kg snatch and 193kg clean & jerk for 6th place overall in the Men’s 94kg category. We’ve seen him attempt heavier in competition, though a big priority at Pan Ams was getting lifters to total in order to score Pan American Games qualification points for Team USA; because of that, we saw a few Americans open up a little lower than in previous competitions.

Over the past few years, Damron made a name for himself as one of USA Weightlifting’s top Junior lifters, competing both nationally and internationally in both the 85kg and 94kg weight categories. Now a Senior lifter, Damron is squarely a 94kg lifter and doesn’t seem like he’s got plans to drop back down anytime soon.

We’re wishing Damron and all the other lifters at American Open Series 3 (which runs from September 8th through the 10th) a successful and safe competition!

Featured image: @nathandamron94 on Instagram