Nick Urankar and Rx Smart Gear Fight the Sleep WOD’ing Epidemic

Nick Urankar and Rx Smart Gear are teaming up to put a fitness epidemic to bed. Or rather, they’re fighting to bring awareness to one that’s already in bed…or something. Just watch the video below to see Urankar mumble sweet nothings to his favorite benchmark workouts.

A multi-time CrossFit Games athlete, Nick Urankar was long stuck in the shadow of the former Central East Regional, missing Games qualification for a few consecutive years behind the likes of Rich Froning, Dan Bailey, Scott Panchik, Graham Holmberg, and Marcus Hendren. But the athlete straight out of an old-school bodybuilding catalog broke through again last year to punch his ticket back to the Games. He’s also an athlete for the Miami Surge in the NPGL, finishing off some of their matches with impressive feats of barbell cycling.

Also, he rarely seems to wear shirts, unless required by his team. But we’d toss out most of our wardrobe if we looked like him, so fair is fair.

We’re excited to see if Urankar – a crowd favorite and great personality for fans – can make it back to the big dance once again to impress spectators with big lifts and his trademark sheepish grin.

Until then, check out the video of Urankar’s best-in-the-world performance on CrossFit Open workouts 15.1 and 15.1a, wherein he pulls off a 375 pound clean & jerk after 228 reps of the grip-killer metcon.