Check Out These Nike Weightlifting Shoes from 1987

While we’re waiting for the Nike Romaleos 3 to drop (supposedly later this year), USA Weightlifting is feeding our weightlifting shoe fix by taking it old school — as in, 29 years ago old school.

Yesterday, USA Weightlifting’s Instagram account put out this throwback to Summer 1987, when the USAW Magazine featured a black-and-white add for two models of Nike weightlifting shoes. One high top and one low cut, each model featured prominent Nike branding that’s still familiar to wearers today.

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Check out the post below; would you rock these on the platform?

And while the add is nearly 30 years old, the shoes themselves honestly don’t look that much different than some of the more popular models today. Raised heel, one or two straps across the top, curved toe box — despite advances in technology, the footwear that grounds feet-to-platform remains fairly consistent in design.

We’re guessing they didn’t come in many color options beyond, well, sneaker-white. But if anyone still has a pair hanging around, it’d be a power move to wear these bad boys in competition someday soon.

Featured image: @usa_weightlifting on Instagram