Onnit Announces Iron Man Kettlebell in Collaboration With Marvel

Earlier this summer, equipment/supplement/apparel company Onnit and Marvel teamed up to announce a series of Captain America bumper plates — and the results took the internet by storm. While those plates haven’t hit stores shelves (online or retail) just yet, they’ve been making appearances around the web and heralded a new line of superhero-inspired equipment. Now, we know the next piece in the Onnit/Marvel “Hero Elite Series”: The Iron Man kettlebell.

Update: BarBend has heard directly from Onnit that they’re anticipating an October release of the Iron Man Kettlebell for sale.

Feast your eyes, comic nerds.

A video posted by @onnit on

While Onnit previewed the kettlebell today on their Instagram account, we actually saw it (though not a closeup shot) in a collection of equipment on the @styledbymarvel Instagram account a few days ago. Check it out below toward the bottom of the shot.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any word on when this will hit shelves, what weight or weights it will come in, or what it will cost (we’re guessing more than a normal kettlebell). Onnit sells a few different styles of kettlebell in a wide variety of weights, so they certainly seem to know what they’re doing as far as casting/making them.

We also don’t yet have word on which other superhero-inspired pieces of equipment we’ll see from the collaboration; the Marvel/Onnit landing page leaves it pretty vague:

Launching this Summer, Onnit will introduce a series of functional fitness equipment inspired by iconic Marvel characters and designed to help you build super-strength.

Oh, and Onnit also wants to make one thing clear: Suit sold separately.

So: What do you think about the Iron Man bell? Cool, or too gimmicky? Would you rather have a normal bell, or is the cool factor just too great to pass up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Featured image: @onnit on Instagram