Which Pokemon Would Win The CrossFit Games? Reddit Has the Answer

Pokemon and CrossFit

Over on r/CrossFit, the internet’s elite exercisers are asking the big questions, and they’re not settling for run-of-the-mill answers like freaking Charizard or Pikachu or whatever. They’re putting in some legitimate analysis (and time) into figuring out which Pokemon would win the CrossFit Games.

It’s a little insane we haven’t answered this before, right? Pokemon has been around for over 20 years, and the Games started way back in 2007. Surely someone would have figured this out by now.

Even CrossFit HQ thinks it’s a legitimate question.

Fortunately, it looks like reddit user drunkmonk2 has the thoughtful answer we’ve all been scrounging for. With all due credit to potential podium finishers like Hitmonchan, Machamp, and Mewtwo, the best/most upvoted answer so far appears to be Poliwrath. Check out drunkmonk2’s logic below:

I’m going poliwrath, much like you said the water type is going to flourish, but what you for got is the strength. Poliwrath on top of being water type it’s also a fighting type which is taking water types to that next level.

Poliwrath in the tv defeats ashes Charizard showing that even a Pokemon/crossfit powerhouse aka kalipa isn’t enough to take him down. In another episode a poliwrath takes downs ash’s pikachu once again showing that even the speedy Dan Bailey type can get knocked down a peg. In Pokemon stadium it’s said that poliwrath is “a strong swimmer, it is faster than any human champ…it can go far and fast with minimal breathing” meaning now even a Jonne Koski can out swim this Pokemon. The biggest take away here is the minimal breathing which just infers that the work capacity is on a whole different level then the rest of the field.

The pokemon poliwrath is also based on a frog so any all jumping event should be a game over. I don’t care if Castro has them doing 300 double under rob forte won’t be stealing that event.

At the end of the day this rich fronning risk champ will take the gold from now until it decided to retire.

P.s. Learned way to much about poliwrath just now on Wikipedia.

Right. So, uh, who you got?