Powerlifter Meghan Scanlon Shows Off An Impressive 175kg Squat For Six Reps

The -57kg athlete is showing serious growth during her prep for the IPF Classic World Championships.

Powerlifter Meghan Scanlon isn’t messing around with IPF Classic Worlds just around the corner. The -57 kg/-125lb National Champion has a busy schedule to say the least, but still manages to find time to squat 175kg,or 384 pounds for six reps.

When Scanlon isn’t squatting well over three times her weight for reps, she is working on her own online strength and fitness business, Megscanlift. She has over 10 years of experience as a strength and fitness coach, and has over the last few years taken her knowledge to the online coaching world. Although right now she is a national champion powerlifter, she once was a Division 1 and 2 soccer player along with a three-time Ironman finisher. What can’t she do?


At Raw Nationals last October, Scanlon took home the first place finish with an impressive 175 kg, or 385.8 pounds squat, bench pressed 107.5 kg, or 237 pounds, and deadlifted 175kg, or 385.8 pounds. She totaled 1008.6. Most recently, Scanlon competed up a weight class at Arnold SBD Grand Prix and finished in second place in the -138lb class.

In the -138lb weight class, Scanlon performed her personal best squat at the Grand Prix, squatting 187.3 kg, or 413 pounds. She also scored personal bests in bench press and deadlift.

Her personal best bench press was 117.4 kg, or 259 pounds and her best deadlift was the same as her squat at 187.3 kg, or 413 pounds.

With the IPF Classic Worlds up next, Scanlon is clearly dialed into her training showcasing an impressive six-rep set of squats at 175kg. Remember that last October, Scanlon was performing this kind of weight for one rep.


On her Instagram, Scanlon shared the lift with the caption, “This was fun. When in doubt, stand UP.” And standing up seemed to be no problem at all for her.

The IPF Classic Worlds get underway on June 15 in Helsingborg, Sweden.

Feature image from @megscanlift Instagram page.