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The CrossFit Games site has a great write-up and interview with 18 year old Barni Böjte, a Romanian teenager with his sites set on the Reebok CrossFit Games. Like a lot of teenagers bitten by the fitness bug, Barni works out before and after school, balancing his studies with strength and conditioning. But unlike a lot of teenagers with easy access to affiliates, Barni lives nearly 100 miles from the nearest CrossFit gym, meaning he’s largely self-trained on homemade equipment that has included concrete-poured kettlebells, a homemade pull-up bar, and sand-filled medicine balls.

Basically, all our excuses are now invalid.

Barni’s CrossFit idol is 2013 Games competitor Lacee Kovacs, who invited the teenager to train with him for four days last year.

Big talent from Romania – Transylvania. He’s 17, without trainer, without olympic barbell (only a home made iron “bar” with iron plates), without C2, without any normal equipments,without money but he has big heart and very nice attitude. He started “CrossFit” one year ago. He did olympic lift first time with normal barbell here in my gym (75/95kg; bw:66kg). He could do everything from the gymnastic and he has very good engine. I hope he will be one time in LA, on the @crossfitgames. Good luck Barni! If you have any idea about the sponsoration, I can give the contact to this boy! And one more thing: I’m Barni’s rolemodel. I was the birthday’s surprise from his father! Hmmm…Thank you very much!!! @wodcrusher @roguefitness #crossfitpowerfactory

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Though Barni’s home gym has gradually improved in quality and equipment, his training conditions are still far from what many elsewhere would consider ideal. His goal? To make next year’s Meridian Regional.

Watch below as he tackles the first three Open WODs of 2016 (and yes, he beat some of our scores pretty easily).

Barni hitting 16.1 outdoors:

16.2 with his new weightlifting equipment:

16.3 completed with beautiful muscle-ups on his homemade pull-up bar:

And just for kicks, here he is hitting a 90 kilo snatch before his new batch of weightlifting equipment arrived (kid has a sick third pull).

For more from Barni, check out his YouTube channel and read the full article on the CrossFit Games site.


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