70 Year Old Rudy Kadlub Deadlifts 505 lbs for Two Singles

Need some lifting motivation? Look no further than powerlifter Rudy Kadlub!

If you’re looking for more reasons to pull heavy weight this week, then sit tight because we got you covered. Elite powerlifter, Kabuki Strength co-owner, and strength coach Chris Duffin recently shared a video highlighting some of Rudy Kadlub’s (co-owner of Kabuki Strength) latest heavy deadlifts.

The video below features Kadlub — who recently turned 70 years old — deadlifting a massive 505 lbs for two singles as he preps for the USPA Masters Cup taking place in Houston, Texas on May 11th.

In Duffin’s Instagram video’s description he writes,

“This is what it means to be anti-fragile. Rudy @rudykadlub (Kabuki Strength Co-Founder) turned 70 only ten days ago, and just pulled 505 for two singles as he prepares for the Masters Cup in a few weeks. He’s also been cutting down from 220 to 198 the last few weeks, and had a L3-L4 injury last week that he’s been rehabbing with help from our in-house specialists @young_strength_165 and @vermie19.”

While the video above is more than impressive, moving heavy weight is nothing new to multi-world record holding powerlifter Kadlub. Last year, Kadlub competed in a couple big powerlifting meets and broke multiple world records every time he took the platform.

In November last year, Kadlub competed at the Tested IPL Powerlifting, Bench Press, Deadlift Championships and set four IPL world records for all of his lifts and total in the Master’s 65 to 69 age group.

At this competition, Kadlub competed in the 220 lb weight class and finished his meet with a strong 205kg/452 lb squat, 137kg/303 lb bench press, and 235kg/518 lb deadlift. The summation of Kadlub’s lifts earned him a total of 572.5kg/1,262 lbs.


Then rewind a bit further to last May, and Kadlub competed at the USPA Masters Cup going 9/9 setting four world records, which he then went on to break at the previously mentioned Tested IPL Powerlifting, Bench Press, Deadlift Championships.

This year, Kadlub is taking the platform in a brand new Masters age division (70 to 74) and is looking to improve his lifts and take home more world records, while proving to everyone that age is just a number, or as Kabuki Strength says what it’s like to be, “anti-fragile”.

Feature image from @mad_scientist_duffin Instagram page.