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In a post from Wednesday, May 11th, USA Weightlifting announced significant staff restructuring. USAW CEO Phil Andrews gave the following quote in the article, implying the restructuring also means a number of existing staff members have been let go; the “effective immediately” nature of the actions, along with the application details listed below, indicate the positions were vacated without a phasing-out or transition period:

“We appreciate and recognize the service of those who are leaving our organization today. A[s] we plan forward for this long term change in our organization to support our sport through the 2020 and 2024 Olympic Games, I would ask for the patience of the membership during this difficult period of change for our organization.”

Though seven positions have opened up in the organization, two current USAW employees will be filling new roles.

2008 Olympian Carissa Gump will be the new Associate Executive Director of Business and Development. Since 2011, she’s serves as USAW’s Marketing & Sponsorship Manager/Director of Corporate Services.

Michael Conroy will become Associate Executive Director of Sport, though only on an interim basis while new hires are conducted. Previously, Conroy served as Coaching Education Director.

Applications for the seven vacant USAW positions will be taken — presumably on a rolling basis — from May 11 to 26. Roles to be filled are below, with salary ranges listed next to each:

  • Associate Executive Director – Sport (salary negotiated based on experience, bonus based on performance)
  • Coaching Education Manager (salary negotiated based on experience, bonus based on performance)
  • Sr. Manager – Events ($35,000 to $45,000)
  • Social Media & Website Coordinator ($25,000-$35,000)
  • Marketing & Sponsorship Coordinator ($25,000-$35,000)
  • Finance Coordinator ($25,000-$35,000)
  • Membership Coordinator ($25,000-$35,000)

Qualifications for each position vary, but most are what you’d expect for organizational work: Relevant degrees and experience, familiarity with word processing software, etc. It also looks like pretty much all of them require being on-site in Colorado Springs.

It’s worth noting several of the jobs listed “ability to lift at least 25kg” as a qualification, suggesting new employees may be expected to act as meet weight loaders in a pinch. Guess it comes with the territory.

David Tao

David Tao

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