USA Weightlifting Releases Record Standards for New 90kg Weight Class

In an article published on the USA Weightlifting website, USAW has announced the record standards for the newly-established women’s 90kg weight class. Next month’s American Open Championships in Florida will make USAW the first national weightlifting federation to offer the weight class in IWF sanctioned competition.

In October 2016, the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) formally adopted an 8th bodyweight category for women; men and women now have the same number of weight classes in weightlifting competition.

“Record standards” refer to numbers that serve as thresholds for the first American Records in a newly established weight class. The first time an athlete lifts more than these pre-established numbers, they’ll be setting American Records in the new weight class.

The numbers released by USAW are below:

American Senior Women

Snatch 110kg
Clean &
Total 251kg

American Junior Women

Snatch 102kg
Clean &
Total 232kg

USAW consulted with David Meltzer and Les Simonto to establish the standards, and the duo “evaluated historical data and used mathematical principals to reach the Senior Record Standards. The forecasting of each record standard was based on patterns of variation of performance versus bodyweight.”

A full report on their analysis can be downloaded here (note: link auto-downloads a PDF).

What do you think about the record standards? Do they match up to what you expect elite athletes to lift in the new weight class? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured Image: USA Weightlifting