The Best World Record Squats from the IPF Classic Powerlifting Championships

From June 19-26, the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) held the World Classic Powerlifting Championships in Killeen, Texas. The event drew hundreds of participants from dozens of nations, and as the sport of powerlifting continues to grow internationally, big international competitions draw increasing numbers of spectators and sponsors.

The IPF Classic Championships is one of the biggest events in raw powerlifting, meaning lifters aren’t permitted to use bench shirts, squat suits, or other supportive equipment outside of basic wraps, sleeves, and belts. This year, numerous world records — seriously, they were hard to count — fell across weight classes and age groups. Some Masters athletes (aka lifters over 40 years old) also took down world records in the Open category, sometimes besting lifts of competitors half their age.

While the lifts below are just a portion of the total squat records to fall in Killeen, they highlight some of our favorite performances across ages, genders, and weight classes.

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Antoinette Kemper Squats 123kg at 57kg, Masters 2 Class

Antoinette Kemper is a U.S. military veteran with a long career in powerlifting. She easily took down the squat record in her age and weight category with a textbook lift — and we’d say it looks like she’s good for a couple kilos more.

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Inna Filimonova Squats 174kg at 57kg

We’ve highlighted some of Filimonova’s best lifts before, and whether it’s in raw or equipped competition, the Russian lifter rarely disappoints. Filimonova successfully squats over three times her bodyweight for a new World Record.

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John Haack Squats 298kg at 83 kg

Haack proved he’s the IPF’s top 83kg lifter by besting rival Brett Gibbs by 14 kilos for this year’s championship. His 298kg squat was over 20kg ahead of the weight class’ next heaviest lift.

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David Ricks Squats 310kg at 93kg — and Open World Record at 57 Years Old!

There was a lot of impressive lifting in Killeen, but Rick’s new World Record manages to stand apart. On its own, Ricks’ smooth 685 pound squat (at around 205 pounds bodyweight) would be impressive. But add in Ricks’ age — 57, he competed in the Masters 2 class — and you probably need a second to pick your jaw up off the floor. He’s out-squatting lifters half his age (or less) and shows no signs of slowing down. #oldmanstrength

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Dennis Cornelius 378kg at 120kg

The IPF weight classes go straight from 120kg to +120kg, and Cornelius took home the heavyweight crown on the back of this world record squat.

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Ray Williams Squats 438kg at +120kg

Williams was favored to take home the +120kg title, and he did so in style, making 8 out of 9 total lifts and setting a new raw squat world record in the process. Check out the whip on the bar as Williams blasts out from the hole.

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Full results from the 2016 IPF World Classic Championships are available here.