Yury Belkin Deadlifts 410kg to Break Ed Coan’s Famous Record

Details are still coming in, but it looks like one of powerlifting’s most famous records has finally fallen — after nearly 26 years. Earlier this weekend at the IPL European Championships in Dolgoprudny, Russia, Yury Beklin deadlifted 410kg/903.9 pounds at a bodyweight of 100kg/220 pounds to break Ed Coan’s 26 year old powerlifting record of 901 pounds at 220 pounds bodyweight. Video of the historic lift is below — and yes, he did it with a hook grip!

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The untouchable Ed Coan (@eddycoan) record has been broken by Yury Belkin (@belkin_one_power). Now it is 903.8lbs/410kg at 220lbs/100kg. Coan's record (901lbs/408.6kg) stood for almost 26 years until it was broken in 2017 by russian lifter. April 22, 2017. IPL European Championships. P.S. When Ed Coan set his WR, Yury Belkin was only 1 yo ! "Вечный" рекорд Эда Коэна в тяге перешел в прошедшее время. Он был равен 408,6 кг. Он простоял 26 лет и был побит 22-го апреля на чемпионате Европы IPL российским пауэрлифтером Юрием Белкиным. Теперь новая планка для тяговых уникумов равна 410 кг, причем собственный вес уникума не должен превышать 100 кг. Отметим, что этот рекорд был установлен в тяге в рамках соревнований по троеборью. P.S. Когда Эд Коэн устанавливал свой олтайм, Юре был всего 1 год отроду! #powerlifting #deadlift #edcoan #yurybelkin #alltime #worldrecord

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And here’s an angle from the back to give you a sense of the crowd reaction.

While we’ve seen Belkin pull bigger weight — he’s gone as heavy as 450kg in an exhibition with straps — this lift was done under full meet conditions, similar to how Coan set his famous record over 25 years ago. For reference, Belkin was just a year old when Coan set the record.

While we’re waiting on confirmation for Belkin’s other lifts, sources indicate he totaled 2,226 pounds/~1009 kilos across all three lifts, which would likely be the heaviest 10x bodyweight powerlifting total of all time. For reference, Belkin totaled 2193 pounds in a meet during summer 2016.

Powerlifter Kevin Oak — himself a 220 pound weight class raw world record holder — took to the powerlifting subreddit to express his admiration for the accomplishment, noting that this was the second weekend in a row Belkin competed.

Supposedly totaled 2,226 lbs. I can’t believe he went back to back weekends and with all the traveling on top of it.

Some have pointed out that this lift looks like it was set on a deadlift bar, while Coan’s 901 pound pull was done on a stiff bar. While equipment differences are difficult to measure and factor across decades, it’s hard to argue that Belkin’s lift is an incredible accomplishment — and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

What do you think of Belkin’s new record? How does it stack up to history’s top feats of strength? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Featured image: @dmitry.spiridonov on Instagram