Yury Belkin Deadlifts 450kg/992 Pounds in Epic Display

Last we heard from Yury Belkin, he was crushing a 927 pound (beltless!) deadlift at a bodyweight of around 227 pounds.

That was a little under a month ago, and now, the elite powerlifter is back for more.

While we aren’t exactly sure of his bodyweight during the event, Belkin just pushed his own envelope a little further, deadlifting nearly 1000 pounds (450kg/992 pounds to be exact). And before anyone calls this out for not being a RAW lift, it wasn’t supposed to be: Belkin walked on stage and pulled as heavy as humanly possible with the aide of a single-ply deadlift suite, straps, and a belt in his trademark sumo stance.

Watch below.

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This is one of the more epic pulls we’ve seen since Chris Duffin deadlifted 1,001 pounds for two reps at a bodyweight in the 260 pound range (with just straps and a belt).

It seems to be a question of when — not if — Belkin will eclipse a 1,000 pound pull at under 105kg bodyweight.

Here’s an epic still from his lift.

Featured image: @belkin_one_power on Instagram