Ben Smith and Adam Klink Sit In First for Fraser Froning Vs. The World Event One

When we first wrote about how Mat Fraser and Rich Froning challenged the world to a series of workouts, we were a little skeptical about anyone being able to best them. After all, these are two multi-time Reebok CrossFit Games Champions, but after the first event they’ve been bested by the top team by over 3-minutes.

As of right now, the top score comes from the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games Champion Ben Smith and his teammate Adam Klink. These two put up an impressive score of 22:12, which tops Fraser and Froning’s original 25:28 by over 3-minutes. Keep in mind, nothing has been confirmed by Fraser and Froning just yet, and this is only what’s been shared provisionally on Instagram. 

Both athletes shared posts on their Instagram pages and Klink wrote in his video’s description, “#FraserFroningVsKRYPTON… fun challenge from @richfroning and @mathewfras! Got after it with @bsmit13 and finished in 22:12! Thanks for letting us #ChaseThePump on this one! #fraserfroningvstheworld”

This win probably doesn’t come as an incredible shock to some athletes, as Smith and Klink are both weathered CrossFit® athletes who’ve built reputations for their impressive feats of strength.

And a mentioned above, we’re still waiting on confirmation from Fraser and Froning on who officially takes the first event and wins the pair of Nike Metcons. But as of right now, Smith and Klink seem to be the top seed thus far.

And they’re not the only team who’ve topped Fraser and Froning’s score from what we found. 2017 Meridian CrossFit athlete Alexandr Ilin and his teammate posted a video finishing the workout in 24:47.

Also, athletes Tim Paulson and Darrin Gardner finished under Fraser and Froning’s score with a recorded 25:02, and they’ve shared the YouTube video highlighting the full workout, which is shown below.

To top it off, these are not the only athletes to best Fraser and Froning’s score, just the few being highlighted in this article. They’ve proven it’s entirely possible for others to take on these Games champs and come out on top.

As the competition continues, we’re excited to see what the next challenge is, and which athletes end up coming out on top. If anything, this challenge has proven that everyone has a shot at beating the best in CrossFit.

Feature image screenshot from @adamklink Instagram page.