Check Out the First Event of Fraser Froning Vs. The World

Two days ago, we first got word from Mat Fraser and Rich Froning’s Instagram pages about the newly created competition: Fraser Froning Vs. The World. Unlike most regulated CrossFit® competitions, this is a contest that’s been created completely by the two Reebok CrossFit Games Champions. This contest allows athletes from across the globe to have the opportunity to challenge them directly in a head-to-head competition.

On Fraser and Froning’s Instagram pages, they created the initial hype for the contest with a Dave Castro-esque whiteboard reveal video. Then yesterday, Fraser was the first to share the official details of the workout, their score, and what athletes have to do to win. Check out the details for the first event below.

Fraser Froning Vs. The World – Event One

For the first workout, athletes must comprise themselves in teams of two, then go back and forth completing the goal amount of rounds set for the workout. Teams will work to complete the full set of goal rounds as fast as possible. The first workout can be found below.

10 Rounds Each

  • 50 Double Unders
  • 15 Toes to Bar
  • 5 Bench Press – 225 lbs for men / 155 lbs for women

Fraser and Froning’s time: 25:28.

How to Win

The competition appears to be somewhat similar to how CrossFit has athletes post and verify their workouts, which is through the use of YouTube for video verification. In addition, athletes have to perform a few tasks on Instagram before being eligible and entered to win.

For full details on how to win Fraser writes in his video description, “FIRST team to beat our time (verified with YouTube) will each win a pair of @nike #metcon3 IDs… 1. Tag your partner here. 2. Get after it. 3. Post an INSTAGRAM video clip with time, tag @mathewfras + @richfroning and #fraserfroningvstheworld … challenge deadline is Sunday 11/19 6pm CT BUT first team to beat us and post wins.”

This workout structure is similar to what we’ve seen in other CrossFit workouts, but we’re not going to lie, the bench press was a little unpredicted. It’s going to be interesting to see what else Fraser and Froning have up their sleeve for the future competitions.

Feature image screenshot from @mathewfras Instagram page.