Here’s Brett Wilkin’s Cheat Meal and Follow-Up Workout Less Than a Month From a Pro Bodybuilding Show

“The Butcher” enjoyed a huge cheat meal 3.5 weeks out from the Romania Rro and answered fan questions.

Brett Wilkin looked massive, sitting 3.5 weeks out from the 2022 Romania Muscle Fest Pro on Nov. 11-13, 2022, where he aims to qualify for the 2022 Olympia, scheduled for Dec. 16-18, 2022, in Las Vegas, NV. His most recent contest was the 2022 Arnold Classic USA, where he finished sixth overall in the Men’s Open division. He’s since aimed to improve his muscularity to help him win a pro show and earn an Olympia qualification. His recent Instagram posts show that the muscularity gains have come as the 2022 Romania show approaches.

We are trying to keep size.

Wilkin ate a cheat meal at Five Guys — burgers and fries — for a refeed and performed a Q&A before heading to the gym to put those extra calories to work. The video was published on his Youtube channel on July 8, 2022. Check it out below:

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How Does Brett Wilkin Increase His Appetite?

During the Q&A, Wilkin answered questions ranging from his diet to his aspirations to how he feels about the 2022 Romania Muscle Fest Pro. Wilkin used to prep for shows alongside his wife, Ivana. Prepping separately for them is somewhat new, though Ivana feels the process has strengthened them as a couple.

Wilkin explained that he wasn’t bodybuilding before get met Ivana, but he was training.

I weighed around 170 pounds, doing the weekend warrior stuff.

Wilkin’s bro-style split was chest, arms, back, legs, and chest again. Regarding the caloric requirements of a bodybuilder:

Increase your energy output — your cardio, get your steps in, get sweating — you need to force yourself to get hungry through being more active.

Wilkin believes that if you’re willing to lower your calories, you could reset, but being more active is the most effective way to avoid the discomfort of force-feeding. He currently tips the scales at 250 pounds and intends to put the calories from Five Guys to work a few days later at the gym. Check out the workout details below:

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Pec Deck Flyes

Wilkin’s workout starts with pec deck flyes for 12-15 reps. He works his way up to 200 pounds before dropping down to 160 pounds for a back-off set. He performs a cluster sets of five reps, rests for 10 seconds, then repeats until he reaches 15 reps. 

Wilkin prefers his programming to include exercises that prep him for heavier pressing movements. Wilkin loves the two-to-three-week gap before shows because he is leaner and can hone in on his mind-muscle connection.

Superset: Lying Incline Cable Reverse Flyes & Overhead Rope Extensions

Keeping the focus on the rear delts, Wilkin hit the cable station for some lying incline cable reverse flyes utilizing ball attachments to bias his shoulders more than his grip. He then worked in a seated variation of the overhead cable rope extension. The latter movement hits all three delts to some degree but biases the rear delts.

Standing Side Cable Lateral Raises

Moving the focus to the side delts, Wilkin grabs a pair of cuffs to perform standing cable lateral raises. The cuffs remove the grip from the movement, so the stimulation is entirely on the working muscle. The cable variation keeps constant tension on the muscle throughout the entire range of motion. More time under tension equals a more significant opportunity for hypertrophy.

Giant Set: Dumbbell Side Laterals, Hammer Grip Front Raises, and Dumbbell Front Raises

Next up was not the traditional dumbbell laterals one might typically use in the gym. Wilkin starts with 15-pound dumbbells and performs 10 reps, repeats with 20 pounds, then repeats with 25-pound dumbbells before going back down for 10 reps with 25, then 20 pounds, and then down to 15 pounds — a total of 60 reps to maximize his shoulder pump.

Wilkin finishes off his shoulder with a giant set consisting of dumbbell side raises, alternating dumbbell hammer front raises, and dumbbell front raises. He took each exercise to failure.

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Standing Cable Curls ‡Single-Arm Preacher Curls

Wilkin moved onto biceps training to finish the workout — dual-standing cable curls, stepping slightly out of the cable station to keep constant tension on the biceps. He followed that with single-arm machine preacher curls, chiseling the finer details of his physique before traveling to Romania.

Finally, Wilkin knocked out some straight bar cable curls with the “21’s method” — seven half reps in the long-range, seven reps in the shortened range, and seven full range of motion reps.

Brett Wilkin’s Shoulder and Bicep Workout

Below are the exercises in the same order performed by Wilkin during his training session:

  • Reverse Pec Deck
  • Superset: Incline Reverse Cable Flyes with Seated Overhead Rope Pulls
  • Standing Cable Lateral Raises
  • Standing Dumbbell Side Laterals (Run the Rack)
  • Giant Set: Standing Dumbbell Side Lateral, Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Front Raises, Dumbbell Front Raises 
  • Standing Dual Cable Curls
  • Single Arm Machine Preacher Curls
  • Standing Straight Bar Cable Curl 21’s 

Wilkin sticks mostly to machines when training, as he endeavors for more volume, which he finds his physique responds well to. We’ll see how refined of a package he can bring to the 2022 Romania Muscle Fest Pro on Nov. 11-13, 2022.

Featured images: @brett_wilkin on Instagram