Brian Shaw Sets New Stone World Record at 560 Pounds!

Just a day after winning his third Arnold Strongman Classic, Brian Shaw broke his own “Manhood Stone” world record with an astonishing 560 pounds, 5 pounds over the record he set at the same event last year. The feat was accomplished at the Rogue Record Breaker’s Event; the event was billed as the “Manhood” stone but is also called a heavy Atlas Stone or Stone Load by some fans and competitors.

Watch below:


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Shaw’s stone lift over the 4 foot/48 inch platform looked relatively textbook as far as form, suggesting there’s even more in the tank from the reigning World’s Strongest Man.

If you were trying to keep track of the strongman records that fell this weekend in Columbus, good luck: there were many. Jerry Pritchett set a new record deadlift on the elephant bar, and Hafthor Bjornsson set records in the sandbag and weight toss. While Zydrunas “Big Z” Savickas was out due to a shoulder injury suffered in training — and elite British competitors Eddie Hall and Laurence Shahlaei weren’t competing — the Arnold Classic stage still featured some of the top Open men’s competitors putting on a showcase for the ages.

Other competitions over the course of the weekend included amateur and disabled contests, as well as the Arnold Pro Strongwoman, billed as “the first major women’s professional Strongwoman contest in the world.” Liefia Ingalls became that event’s first champion.

Featured image: @massenomics on Instagram