Strongman World Records Are Insane (Infographic)

Of the major strength sports, strongman gets among the least coverage online, and if it weren’t for a few ESPN World’s Strongest Man specials burned into our memory from the mid-2000s, it might have the least coverage overall. But just because strongman isn’t a particularly common sport doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting or worth following; on the contrary, the events are captivating for spectators and provide a unique viewpoint on the use and training of strength. So we decided to round up some of our favorite strongman world records, in infographic form.

Full disclosure: There are numerous weight, gender, and age categories in strongman, and they all have serious merit for both competitors and fans. The infographic below includes just those records in the male open category, where some of the world’s largest strength athletes (seriously, they’re huge) move mind-boggling loads for distance (horizontal and vertical) and time. But that’s not to say lighter male and female athletes aren’t equally (and often more) impressive; this graphic, though, is strictly about the heaviest feats.

No matter your discipline of choice, prepare to be impressed. And if you want to learn more about strongman — include tips on training and how to get involved for newbies — check out our articles on strongman. There’s never been a time to take up competitive stone moving/keg tossing/log lifting.

With more events on the Arnold Classic and other professional strongman circuits yet to come this year, our guess is that a record or two may fall in the next few months. Will Brian Shaw best himself on stones? Will Zydrunas Savickas break his own log press record?

Any great strongman or circus strength records we miss? Let us know in the comments below, and they may make it into our next roundup of world records in strongman (assuming they’re still verified best marks, of course).

Sources: Starting Strongman and Arnold Strongman Classic