You Can Now Search for Any WOD In the History of

The official website for CrossFit, Inc. has an unusual history for a company that one Forbes writer estimates may generate nearly 9 figures in revenue.

We say unusual because it once had a long history of being, well, a little outdated — or at least keeping the same template for a long time. Here’s what it looked like one year ago in February of 2016 as it was archived by the Wayback Machine. in February of 2016.

There has been plenty of speculation as to why the main site was so barebones for so long, with many simply feeling that the stripped back, utilitarian design was meant to reflect a fitness ethos itself: there’s no need for bells and whistles, here. CrossFit® workouts are about function, not razzle dazzle. Most people used it to read the WODs, not become immersed in a new-age digital content experience.

Recently, however,’s official website was modernized, with more attention paid to navigability and a streamlined user experience. in 2017

As part of their seriously commendable commitment to an awesome user experience, there’s also a brand new, very cool search function that makes it easy to search for WODs — nearly 16 years of them! — by all sorts of parameters.

For example, Dave Castro recently hinted that dumbbells may be making an appearance in this year’s CrossFit Open.

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So, maybe you’re interested in checking out previous WODs that involved dumbbells to help better direct your training. If you head to the new the site’s new search page, you can search every WOD the site has ever posted.

You can also search by specific exercises and WODs or by specific months and years, which is especially useful if you want to really geek out over how CrossFit’s training methodology has evolved over the years.

The site also suggests content that’s related to your search, like documentaries, journal articles, and external links.

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