Dave Castro Hints at Dumbbells in 2017 CrossFit Open

Get ready for the dumbbells, folks. After all, “You’ve Been Warned.”

Earlier today, CrossFit Games Director Dave Castro posted an Instagram image of 50 and 35 pound dumbbells with the chalk caption “You’ve Been Warned.”

In the past, Castro has used his Instagram account to tease movements and equipment for various CrossFit competitions, and the Open is no exception. He’s also used his Instagram account to tease the new location of the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games, CrossFit Invitational Team lineups, and plenty of other announcements that make news in the functional fitness world.

Basically, we’ve been here before, and we’ve learned to pay attention.

A photo posted by @thedavecastro on

This isn’t an official confirmation of particular movements, but it’s about as close to an official announcement of dumbbells in the Open as we’re likely to see. The CrossFit Open has never called for a dumbbell movement, and we don’t know which it could be.

Thrusters? Push Press? Snatch? Bicep Curls?

Turkish Get-ups? That’s another recently-highlighted movement on Castro’s Instagram account, albeit with a barbell.

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As of now, your guess is as good as (if not better than) ours on how these will be utilized. But it’s worth noting the dumbbells appeared in paired sets, which makes us think we’ll see a movement requiring both of them at once.

Castro highlighted two types of dumbbells in his posted: Rubber-coated, single-weight dumbbells, and adjustable plated-loaded dumbbells (all from Rogue Fitness). It seems like both styles will be acceptable to use.

Most importantly, Castro’s post serves as a heads up to CrossFit affiliate owners and athletes: Make sure you have dumbbells in these weights available for your athletes. Because they’re going to be required to meet standards, and it’d be a shame if you were caught unprepared.

Featured image: @thedavecastro on Instagram