A 261kg Deadlift at 59kg: Derek Ng Lifts an Unofficial IPF Junior World Record

Canadian Powerlifting Union athlete Derek Ng is making waves up north, pulling off some pretty serious PRs as a junior at the 2018 CPU Nationals, which were recently held in Calgary.

The -59kg lifter (he weighed in at 58.5kg/129lb) made a solid squat of 167.5kg (369lb) and a less impressive bench of 87.5kg (193lb) — he said that he started cramping during the lifts — but his deadlift was particularly noteworthy. He made a lift of 261kg (575 pounds). If it had been made in the IPF, this would have been a junior world record.

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But Ng wasn’t done just yet. A few minutes later he returned to the platform to try another deadlift, this time of 275 kilograms (606 pounds). You can skip ahead to 3:21:18 in the video above to watch the attempt or you can watch this clip from Ng’s Instagram.


He failed the lift when his grip gave out at the top, but that was an unbelievably fast ascent for what would have been a 46.5-kilogram meet PR and an unofficial open world record. This lift would have eclipsed Sergey Fedosienko’s record by 4.5 kilograms (9.9 pounds).

Oh well, he still totaled 516kg and earned a Wilks of 450.42.

He wrote of his performance on Instagram,

Going into deads, I knew that by missing 3rd attempts on my squat and bench, I had to pull more than I was comfortable with for the win and 450 wilks. Lucky for me, my pulls decided to say “I gotchu fam” and didn’t let me down.

Broke a coupla records along the way ☃ Went no brakes, full send on 275kg (606lbs) after the W was secured and missed on grip 😥 I’ll continue to work on this problem of mine but this was a hell of a meet to remember.

Ng trains with Ravens Powerlifting (formerly known as Carleton Barbell), a competitive powerlifting team for Ottawa’s Carleton University. We’re unsure of his age, but we’re looking forward to him hitting new heights as a junior athlete, and maybe as an open athlete as well.

Featured image via MyStrengthBook on YouTube.