72kg Powerlifter Jessica Buettner Deadlifts 220kg At 2018 CPU Nationals

The 2018 Canadian Powerlifting and Bench Press National Championships are currently underway in Calgary, Alberta. They started on February 20th and will run through the 24th. There have been some strong performances, but none may be stronger than -72kg junior powerlifter Jessica Buettner’s performance yesterday.

We’ve written about Buettner’s epic deadlift strength before, but yesterday’s performance may have taken the cake. She opened on the day with a 200kg (440 lbs) pull – which is only 2kg under her current 202kg IPF Junior World Record – and finished with a 220kg (485 lb) deadlift to seal a Canadian Record and unofficial IPF Junior World Record.

Check out the Instagram video below from Powerlifting Coach and Dietitian Manny Prieto where he writes in the desciption, “Another #CanadianRecord and Unofficial #WorldRecord for @djessicabuettner in the #72kgweightclass: a 220 kg/485 lb #Deadlift to go along with her record 173 kg/381.3 lb Squat! With a 90 kg/198.4 lb Bench, she finishes with a 483 kg/1064.8 lb Total, also an Unofficial World Record!”


As Prieto states above, Buettner’s final deadlift allowed her to finish with a 486kg (1,064 lb) total. This total earned her the CPU Junior Total Record and was also an unofficial IPF Junior World Record. Buettner held the previous CPU Junior Total Record with 444.5kg, so this total tops it by a massive 38.5kg.

In addition to her epic deadlift, Buettner also put up strong squat numbers, which were briefly mentioned above. To conclude her attempts, she finished with a 173kg (381 lb) squat that earned her a CPU Junior Squat Record and another unofficial IPF Junior World Record.


This performance was Buettner’s best showing to date, and she absolutely crushed her previous bests and multiple records. With two days left in the 2018 CPU Powerlifting and Bench Press National Championships we’re pumped to see what other records are broken.

If you’re interested in watching the final two days of competition, then check out this.

Feature image screenshot from @bigredmanny Instagram page.