Junior Powerlifter Jessica Buettner Deadlifts 211kg (465 lbs) at 78kg Bodyweight

Canadian junior powerlifter Jessica Buettner is already off to a strong start with her training for 2018. She’s been posting some ridiculously strong videos, and one of the most impressive comes from a little over a day ago. In her latest video, Buettner smokes a 211kg (465 lb) deadlift, which is 9kg over her current IPF Junior World Record.

In her latest deadlift video’s Instagram description she writes, “465lbs / 211kgs today for a single! 3lbs below a PR for me, so I’m thrilled! And 3 backoff sets of 395×5. Sugars were in range too and what a crazy difference that makes. Was a great end to the week after having a cold and starting to diet. Also weighed 173lbs today so I’m already down 2, but at this point it’s probably mostly from depleting carbs. Happy Saturday everyone.”

Buettner’s best deadlift to date came from the Eastern Powerlifting Championships back in October 2017. At this meet, she deadlifted a huge 212.5kg (468 lbs) for a personal PR. This record would have been a Canadian Powerlifting Union record, but Buettner missed her weight class by .8 lbs on meet day, which she addresses in another Instagram post.

In her video’s description below she states, “Second attempt deadlift from easterns (205kg) and third attempt which was a huge pr (212.5kg/468lbs)! 72.8kg/160lb bodyweight. On my third I inhaled a bunch of my hair which made for some weird faces, but I’ve been ready to lift that weight for a few months now and I wasn’t going to let hair in my mouth or anything else break my focus.”

Buettner regularly competes in the 72kg weight class, where she holds the current IPF Junior Deadlift World Record. Her current junior world record stands at 202kg, and she set this back in 2016 at the IPF Raw World Classic Powerlifting Championships in Eileen, Texas.

You can view her 202kg Junior World Record below, which was shared on the IPF’s Facebook page. As the year progresses, hopefully we see Buettner break more records with her ridiculously strong deadlift.

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Feature image screenshot from @djessicabuettner Instagram page.