Force USA X20 Pro Review

Instead of learning what you can do with this rack, it might be easier to learn what you can’t do with it.

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The goal of many home gym owners is to find a solid centerpiece for their iron paradise. While a power rack may be the answer for a lot of people, multi-purpose racks like the Force USA X20 offer much more functionality and versatility. This beast of a functional trainer features chrome uprights that are made from 11-gauge steel, two 289-pound weight stacks with cables, and more attachments than you might know what to do with. 

The base version of the X20 comes with 12 different attachments, including a pair of handles for the cables, a landmine attachment, and a low-row footplate. It also features weight horns built into the frame, two barbell holders, two safety arms within the rack that can be moved to the height of your choosing, and two half safety arms that can be used outside the rack. If that’s not enough for you, you can also add on the upgrade kit to receive six more attachments, and that even includes a TV mount. This is an expensive product, but those who can afford it may have found the perfect centerpiece for their home gym due to its high level of versatility. 

Main Takeaways

  • The X20 features two 289-pound weight stacks for the two pulleys on either side of the rack.
  • This rack comes with built-in storage horns, safety arms for inside and outside the rack, and an available upgrade kit, which brings the attachment total up to 18.
  • The 11-gauge steel framework is rated at 990 pounds, so it can accommodate the majority of athletes.
Force USA X20 Pro
Force USA X20 Pro
Force USA X20 Pro

This power rack doubles as a cable machine with two 289-pound stacks for each cable. The basic package features 12 attachments, while the upgraded kit will bring the total to 18. The X20 is rated to hold up to 990 pounds, so even the most elite-level athletes can confidently hit their heavy lifts. 

Force USA X20 Video Review

Our reviews writer, Jake, breaks down everything there is to know about the Force USA X20 during his detailed video review. Follow along as he shows you everything this beast of a rack has to offer.

Force USA X20 Pro Highlights

Regardless of your experience level, the Force USA X20 is built for the long haul and is able to support the needs of almost all users. The two cable pulley systems feature weight stacks that range from 20 pounds to 289 pounds. These cables operate on a 2:1 ratio, so the cable is longer than a cable with a 1:1 ratio, and the resistance is actually half of what the weight says (this is pretty common among cable machines). It comes with two sets of safety arms, both with different purposes. The full-size ones are meant to be used inside the rack, while the two half-arms are meant to be used in front of or outside of the rack.

The X20 also makes storage easy since there are built-in slots to store two barbells, as well as four weight horns on either side of the rack. Attachments are the name of the game with this rack, though. If you purchase the base package, you’ll receive an aluminum straight bar, a landmine attachment, a close grip triangle attachment, two pull-up bars, an ankle cuff, two plastic d-handles for the cables, a nylon rope attachment, a tricep pushdown bar, and a short bar on top of two extension chains that attach to the cables. You’ll also receive four band pegs to up the intensity of your workouts with some resistance bands.

Jake Adjusting the Cables on the X20
Jake Adjusting the Cables on the X20

If you want to spend another $800 on the upgrade kit, you’ll receive some jammer arms, a lat pulldown seat attachment as well as a multi-grip lat row bar, a t-bar attachment to perform rows with the landmine attachment and your barbell, a dip bar, two knurled handles for the cables, and even a TV mount. While the X20 may take up most of your available space and lead you to spend around $7,000, we think this could be the only piece of equipment you really need in your home gym

Who Should Buy the Force USA X20

  • Those with a large budget who have enough space to house this rack can expect it to last them a lifetime (with proper care, of course).
  • Anyone looking for a piece of equipment that can be the centerpiece of their gym may have found their match.
  • Athletes looking for variety in their workouts will enjoy the various attachments that unlock the ability to focus on specific muscle groups.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Force USA X20

  • Anyone tight on space will want to consider a smaller option or a foldable rack. This rack is over 7.5 feet tall and about six feet wide.
  • Folks who are on a tight budget will want to check out some cheaper options. The X20 could potentially cost you around $7,500 if you purchase the white glove assembly and the upgraded attachment kit.
  • Those who want a portable rack will want to look elsewhere, this rack weighs about two tons when fully assembled.


The base price of the Force USA X20 is right around $4,500, but this will be impacted by the $400 or so you’ll spend on shipping, and whether or not you want to purchase the upgrade kit and white glove assembly. The upgrade kit will run you around $800, and features jammer arms, dip handles, a t-bar attachment for your barbell, a lat pulldown attachment, some extra handles, a multi-grip lat pull-down attachment, some storage shelves, and even a TV mount.

While some people reading this may want to save some cash and assemble this beast of a product by themselves, you might want to reconsider that. Regarding the white glove assembly, you have two options — the base unit assembly is listed at around $800, while the base plus upgrade kit is about $1,000. This might wind up being a necessity because of how many parts there are. We had a professional come out to the garage to assemble ours, and it took five and a half hours with the help of one of our team members.

Jake Using the Force USA X-20 T-Bar Attachment
Jake Using the Force USA X-20 T-Bar Attachment

While you could potentially spend around $7,000 on the X20, the versatility might be unmatched. Besides a leg roller attachment, we aren’t sure if you could ask for this product to do anything else (other than cook you dinner). So if you’re looking for a high-quality product that can truly do it all, you might be willing to pay the premium price tag for it. At the same time, this is one of the most expensive options on the market, and you can definitely save a couple of grand with another rack out there. 

Overall Build and Quality

Since the X20 is a behemoth of a product, we absolutely recommend measuring out your available space before purchasing this rack. We almost learned this the hard way, but luckily we had one inch of clearance from the top of the rack and our ceiling.

Force USA X20 11-Gauge Steel Uprights
Force USA X20 11-Gauge Steel Uprights

The chrome uprights are made from 11-gauge steel, and it features a weight rating of 990 pounds — which allows it to go toe-to-toe with what you’ll find at a professional gym. The 18 different attachments that you can use with the X20 also make it more versatile than nearly any other product on the market.


When we think of a versatile multipurpose rack, the X20 is one of the first things that comes to mind due to its 18 different attachments, and the hundreds of exercises you can perform. The dip attachment is great for chest and tricep development; the lat pulldown attachment and low-row footplate allow you to focus on your back. The cables allow you to do some unilateral work, and we can’t forget about the classic squatting and benching you can do with this rack, or the fact that it’s rated to handle up to 990 pounds of weight. 

Pull-Up Bar

The X20 allows you to choose between two pull-up bars; one is a non-knurled straight bar, while the other features five different knurled grips. We aren’t sure about the diameter of the grips, but they’re all identical and seem to be around 34 millimeters when compared to some dumbbells.

Jake Using the Force USA X20 Pull-Up Bar
Jake Using the Force USA X20 Pull-Up Bar

The straight bar is great for traditional pull-ups, muscle-ups, and even kipping pull-ups for those CrossFit enthusiasts. The multi-grip bar offers the ability to perform wide grip, close grip, overhand, and underhand pull-ups, and also features a suspension trainer that is compatible with a heavy punching bag or a resistance band package from Force USA and even TRX.

Numbered Uprights

While the spacing on the chrome uprights is numbered, they aren’t engraved very deeply. We don’t think this should be a cause for concern, though, and that the numbering should last. The numbering is on the inside, and outside of the cage, so you can easily adjust your safety arms, j-hooks, and pulleys when necessary.

Functional Trainer

The heavy-duty roller pulleys on the X20 move up and down and can be positioned at 34 different points on the front of the rack. The pop-pin makes it easy to adjust the pulleys when necessary and features a knurled handle for you to grip.

Jake Using the Cables for Bicep Curls
Jake Using the Cables for Bicep Curls

The two pulleys connect to weight stacks that equal 289 pounds and operate on a 2:1 ratio. This type of ratio leads to a longer cable, and the actual resistance is half of what is advertised. So for example, to move 100 pounds of weight, you only need 50 pounds of force. This is great for chest flyes, lat pulldowns, curls, and much more

Storage Attachments

Another really cool feature with the X20 is the built-in storage. You can store two barbells at a time on the back of the rack, plus there are four weight horns on either side of the rack for your weight plates or bumper plates


Excluding the safety arms, you have 18 different attachments available for you to lift with. The basic package comes with a low-row footplate, a lat pulldown bar, an aluminum straight bar, a landmine attachment, a close grip triangle attachment, the two pull-up bars, an ankle cuff, two plastic handles for the cables, a nylon rope attachment, a tricep pushdown bar, and a short bar. You also receive two extension chains if you need extra space between the cables and whatever attachment you’re using, as well as four band pegs, so you can add resistance bands to your bench presses.

Jake Using the Low-Row Footplate
Jake Using the Low-Row Footplate

If you want the upgraded accessories kit, you’ll receive two jammer arms, dip handles, a multi-grip lat pulldown attachment, a t-bar attachment that pairs with your barbell and landmine attachment, two knurled handles to use with the cables, a lat pulldown seat, four storage shelves, and a tv mount.

Product Specs

Because of the size of this rack, we can’t stress enough the need to map everything out precisely before trying to add it to your home. The dimensions are 7.5 feet tall, almost six feet wide (just under 3.5 feet inside the cage), just over seven feet deep outside the rack, and six feet deep inside the rack. The X20 is extremely stable since the uprights are made from 11-gauge steel, it’s rated at 990 pounds, and you can bolt it into the ground — even though we don’t see it tipping over on anyone since it weighs about two tons.


The Force USA X20 features uprights that are made from 11-gauge steel. This is the same quality you’ll find in a professional setting, so it’s most likely going to last you a lifetime.

Force USA X20 J-Hooks
Force USA X20 J-Hooks

While you can definitely bolt it into the ground, this is one of the sturdiest pieces of equipment we’ve tested, so we didn’t feel that was entirely necessary. 


It’s no secret that this is a massive piece of equipment that will require a ton of space to accommodate its footprint. The X20 measures 7.5 feet tall, the outside of the rack is almost six feet wide, and from front to back, it’s just over seven feet long. You have a lot of room within the rack to perform your workouts, with just under three and a half feet of width inside the rack, and six feet of depth. We were very fortunate to have one inch of clearance in our garage for this rack, so be sure to measure everything down to the closest inch before you make your purchase. 

Weight Capacity

The Force USA X20 is rated to support up to 990 pounds of weight. This includes the weight from any plates you have stored and the weight stacks. So if you think you’re strong enough to put the weight limit to the test, it might be best to remove some weight plates before going for that world record squat. Odds are, though, athletes of all levels will be just fine with this weight capacity. 


Force USA offers a two-year warranty on their cables and pulleys, and a limited lifetime warranty on any manufacturing defects with their products. To read more about their policy, head over to their warranty section

Places to Buy

You can purchase the Force USA X20 directly through the Force USA website. 

Company Information

Since 2000, Force USA has been manufacturing gym equipment for those who want to build their own home gym. To find out more about their operations, you can fill out a request form to chat with someone from their team. You can also call their USA team at (385) 557-2554, or their Canada team at (778) 800-9501.

Final Word

Finding the centerpiece for your home gym can be a difficult task since you likely want a product that is as versatile as possible. The Force USA X20 could be the perfect solution since it should be able to satisfy almost all of your lifting needs. It’s essentially a power rack and cable machine wrapped in one, and the 18 different attachments allow you to pinpoint every muscle group. Plus, the 11-gauge steel uprights will keep it around for a lifetime of use.

Rated at 990 pounds, this is a solid option for beginners to grow with and for elite powerlifters to move eye-popping weight. Due to its size, you need to make sure you map out your available space, or else your new shiny toy will be useless. It’s also a really expensive piece of equipment, so you’ll want to make sure you’ll use all of its features before dishing out the cash for it. Still, if you are able to make the necessary accommodations for the X20, we don’t know if you could ask for a better centerpiece.


What workouts can I do with the Force USA X20?

The beauty of this piece of equipment is that you can do just about any exercise you put your mind to. It’s a power rack, so you can rep out some back squatsbench presses, or even some barbell shoulder presses. But it’s also a functional trainer as it has two pulley systems, making it possible to do some cable flyes and lateral raises. Among the many attachments include the lat pulldown seat and low row foot plate, so you can focus on your lats.

How many attachments are included with the Force USA X20?

The basic package with the X20 consists of 12 attachments. There’s an attachment for almost every exercise, from a pair of handles for the cables, a nylon rope for tricep pushdowns, and a landmine attachment for your barbell. If you purchase the accessories kit, you’ll receive six more attachments, including a t-bar attachment for your barbell, and a pair of jammer arms — bringing the total up to 18.

How much does the Force USA X-20 cost?

The base price for the X-20 is around $4,500, but a couple of variables could cause the price to increase dramatically. Shipping costs around $400, while the upgrade kit with additional attachments will cost you around $800. White glove assembly for just the rack will cost you about $800, and around $1,000 if you opt for the assembly of the upgraded attachments as well.

So, you could spend nearly $7,000 on this power rack. This is easily one of the most expensive options on the market, but it will most likely last you a lifetime, and will likely be worth it for those with the budget for it.