260 Kilos – Did Iron Biby Just Make the Heaviest Push Press Ever?

The Burkinese strongman has raised the bar.

Cheick Al-Hassan Sanou has made what might be the heaviest push press ever performed, at least on camera. The Burkinese strongman, better known as Iron Biby, weighs almost 200 kilos, stands 1.9 meters tall, trains three to four hours a day, and says he eats up to eight chickens a day when he’s bulking.

He’s easily one of the strongest men overhead on the planet and the latest lift: this push press of 260kg or 573.2lb, made in his family yard in Burkina Faso:

He posted it with the caption

573lbs/260kg standing press , thanks to my u all and my team for all the supports !! Will def push more harder nextime #hardwork #nevergiveup #beastmode #motivations #fitness #gym #ironaddict

Now, is that a standing press? The consensus is no, he dipped a little there and he needs to lock his back out a bit more, but it’s difficult to spend much time criticizing the heaviest push press of all time. (Well, it probably is. Let us know if you’ve seen heavier.)

So is Iron Biby the world’s strongest overhead presser? A few of his other feats of strength that might convince you, which were also made in the yellow light-bathed gym in his family yard, includes  this 220-kilo push press he made two and a half years ago and perhaps most famously, this 233.5-kilo log press he made earlier this year:


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That lift would be an all time log press world record were it made on stage, and by a pretty fat margin: the current record is Zydrunas Savickas’ 228 kilos that he set in 2015.

You’d think with 233.5 kilos under his belt — or over his head — Iron Biby would have a new record in the bag if he went for it in competition, but like a lot of athletes, he sometimes has trouble meeting his training PRs on the stage.  He did win the World Log Lift Championships last year with 220 kilos but he didn’t complete his attempt at 229 kilos — cleaning has always been his weak point. We time stamped the video below at the missed lift.

Sanou was clearly devastated, apologizing over and over for missing the lift, but as Colin Bryce said back to him, there was nothing to be sorry about.

The real bummer for Iron Biby is that, sadly, this year’s Log Lift World Championships were canceled due to the pandemic, so we’ll have to wait a little longer to see if he can take that phenomenal power to a world record.

But he does have another record to his name, and it’s a Guinness world record: the maximum amount of times someone has overhead pressed a human being. In 2018, he picked up a 60-kilo dude and pressed him 69 times, and six months later he tried it again and got the Guinness world record again, this time with 82 reps. 

With this latest push press — again, straight up the heaviest we’ve ever seen — we don’t doubt we’ll see more stupefying OHPs from him in years to come.

Featured image via via Official Strongman COM on YouTube