2020 Strongman Events Canceled or Postponed Due To Coronavirus (Updated)

A continuously updated list of the status of strongman events.

The coronavirus pandemic is causing a multitude of strongman events to be canceled, postponed, or otherwise forced to adjust the events accordingly. We at BarBend decided it would be helpful to have a continuously updated list of canceled and postponed strongman events. We have lists for CrossFit eventsweightlifting events, and powerlifting events as well.

As more event organizers share updates, we will update this article accordingly.

Here are the events that have had details published about or have been affected thus far:

World’s Strongest Man – May 20-24

The 2020 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) competition has been postponed. According to the press release shared by WSM:

The finals will now take place November 14 – 15, following qualifying rounds November 11 – 12, both on Anna Maria Island.

World’s Strongest Man Arena Tour 2020

Not canceled.

The Giant’s Live World’s Strongest Man Arena Tour 2020 is a series of strongman events across the United States and United Kingdom. In January, Britain’s Strongest Man in Sheffield, UK  was the first event of the series for 2020.

The rest of the scheduled series is as follows:

  • Strongman Classic – London, England – June 6th
  • North American Open – Florida, USA – August TBD
  • World Open – Manchester, England – September 12th
  • World Tour Finals – Glasgow, Scotland – October 10th

On the Giants Live: WSM Arena Tour Instagram page, it was announced that they are monitoring daily updates, including government advice, regarding the coronavirus and will inform event organizers as needed. However, they haven’t said whether or not upcoming events are definitely happening or what the likelihood of canceling or postponement is.

2020 World’s Ultimate Strongman – April 11

The World’s Ultimate Strongman set to take place in Bahrain has been postponed

2020 Arnold Strongman Classic champion Hafthor Bjornsson was set to make a highly anticipated world record 501kg/1,104.5lb deadlift at the event. According to the World’s Ultimate Strongman Instagram page:

The show is DEFINITELY happening and the 501kg deadlift will be broken at World’s Ultimate Strongman once this pandemic is under control and conditions are more favorable.

Arnold Europe – September 18-20

The Arnold Europe has been rescheduled. This contest will now take place on December 11-13 in Sevilla, Spain.

Arnold South America, Australia, and Africa

According to Brent Lalonde of the Arnold Sports Festival, Arnold South America has been rescheduled to take place on October 2nd through 4th, 2020. The Arnold Africa hopes to reschedule later in the year, but no formal dates have been announced. The contests that were scheduled to take place on their original dates are planned to take place on their new dates. There is no word on when or if the events that were cancelled in Australia will take place this year.

Europe’s Strongest Man – April 4

Europe’s Strongest Man was slated to take place on April 4th in Leeds, UK. However, the event had been postponed until August 8th and then postponed again, this time indefinitely.

As soon as we receive guidelines from the Government about when and how Arenas can safely reopen, we will confirm the new date for the show. All tickets will remain valid for the new date.

Log Lift World Championship – April 4th

The Log Lift World Championship was originally scheduled for April 4th has been postponed indefinitely.

In its first postponement, it was moved to take place alongside Europe’s Strongest Man on August 8th. Both events have now do not have a date scheduled.

California’s Strongest Man – April 4

According to their website, the California’s Strongest Man competition is still set to take place as scheduled. However, event organizers have stated that it is subject to change based on evolving policies from the California state government in response to the coronavirus outbreak:

…as the recommendations for public gatherings are changing daily. At the moment, our competitor list is small enough that we’re still able to gather in public and hold the event.

The Ronnie Coleman Strongman Classic 2020 – April 4

According to the announcement on their Facebook page, the Ronnie Coleman Strongman Classic 2020 will happen as scheduled. There are adjustments being made to the competition in an effort to stymie the spread of the coronavirus. Event organizer Scott Brockelman stated that “…we will allow competitors to use gloves on any or all events that they would like to.”

All equipment will be periodically wiped down with rubbing alcohol throughout the event.


Is the World's Ultimate Strongman canceled?

The 2020 World’s Ultimate Strongman event has been postponed. The new date has yet to be announced.

Is the World's Strongest Man canceled?

World’s Strongest Man was rescheduled to take place November 11th-14th in Bradenton, Floria.

Is Europe's Strongest Man canceled?

Europe’s Strongest Man was slated to take place on April 4th in Leeds, UK. However, the event had been postponed until August 8th and then postponed again, this time indefinitely.

Are the 2020 World Deadlift Championships canceled?

Yes. They were originally set to take place in April before being postponed until September. They were later canceled.

Feature image via World’s Ultimate Strongman Instagram page: @worldsultimatestrongman