Adam Bishop Wins 2020 Britain’s Strongest Man

The champion defeated a field of elite competitors to take the title.

Giants Live hosted their first event of the calendar year at Sheffield, England, and it saw a new champion of Britain being crowned. Adam Bishop, who finished last year as the runner-up, leaves Britain’s Strongest Man as the one on top of the podium. He was surrounded by both of the Stoltman brothers with Tom coming in second and Luke in the bronze position.

Champion – Adam Bishop

With 2019 champion Graham Hicks not being in this year’s contest, Bishop saw the opportunity and made the most of it. The highlight of him for this year’s showdown was the Deadlift for Reps. The athletes went head-to-head with 330 kg (727 pounds) to see who can lift the bar for the most reps possible. Bishop was able to complete 11 reps to not only win his round the entire event. That momentum was all he needed to carry him to the overall win. Bishop makes the 16th consecutive Englishman to take this title. Glenn Ross was the last non-English athlete to win this contest.

2nd Place – Tom Stoltman

Tom was Scotland’s Strongest Man for the last two years, placed 3rd at the World’s Ultimate Strongman, and also placed 5th at the 2019 World’s Strongest Man. He was third at this contest last year so he improved upon that but obviously wanted to take this title as well. Even though he set a new world record in the Castle Stones with a time of 16.01 seconds, it wasn’t enough to overtake Bishop.

3rd Place – Luke Stoltman

As for the older Stoltman brother, Luke was starting off this contest on the right foot, having breezed through the first event which was the Log Press Ladder. He completed all five logs while not appearing to give a major effort but that momentum didn’t carry forward in the remaining events. Third place is his highest ever placing at this contest but the 35 year old will have to wait until at least next year before taking this title.

Featured Image: Instagram/giantslivewsm, original photo from @zoiephotography