2020 Britain’s Strongest Man Preview

Who will be the winner in Sheffield?

This weekend is going to be the first big one of 2020 for the sport of strongman. There’s the Arnold Strongman USA taking place in Santa Monica, California which will determine the final field for the Arnold Strongman Classic. Over in Sheffield, England, Giants Live will be hosting their first event of 2020: Britain’s Strongest Man.

Graham Hicks will not be in this contest, so we are guaranteed a new champion at the end of the competition. This contest has a blend of big names, legends, and athletes on the rise. Any of them could provide a memorable moment (see Mark Felix’s World Record Hercules Hold). The established stars would be the obvious favorites but as with any strength sport, someone else could have a great day, surprise the field, and win the contest. That said, here are a few athletes to keep an eye on as the contest progresses.

Luke Stoltman

The older Stoltman brother has won Scotland’s Strongest Man on multiple occasions and at only 35 years of age still may not have reached his peak potential. That’s scary for the rest of the field. He recently competed at the 2019 World’s Ultimate Strongman and placed second to Mateusz Kieliszkowski.

Tom Stoltman

The younger Stoltman placed 3rd in Dubai but made a big statement in his own right by setting the world record in the 10 stone Atlas Stone Challenge. He also tied for 5th place at the 2019 World’s Strongest Man contest. He is considered one of the men that will be a part of the elite in the sport for the next decade to come. He has won Scotland’s Strongest Man the last two years and starting 2020 with this victory would certainly garner him a lot of momentum in future competitions.

Adam Bishop

Bishop has been the UK Strongest Man under 105kg (231 pounds) and was the runner-up at this contest in 2019. He has a rugby background which serves him well when athleticism is needed like in a medley. He has been on the WSM stage multiple times and had set this contest as a goal for him to win. Don’t be surprised if he makes his way to the podium at the end.

Terry Hollands

Hollands is the 2019 Master’s World’s Strongest Man. While he joins Mark Felix as one of the older competitors in the field, he has shown that at age 40 he can still move impressive weight and compete with the younger guys too. He will certainly have many in the crowd on his side. He actually held the British title in 2007.
As for what they will be lifting, It had been confirmed that the Atlas Stones will be the final event of the contest and that is how we determine the 2020 champion. There has been speculation about other events but not confirmed.

2020 Britian’s Strongest Man Competitors

Adam Bishop
Ben Brunning
Ryan England
Mark Felix
Terry Hollands
Aaron Page
John Pollack
Luke Richardson
Paul Smith
Mark Steele
Luke Stoltman
Tom Stoltman

Featured Image: Tom Stoltman from Instagram/giantslivewsm, original photo from @zoiephotography