Mateusz Kieliszkowski Wins World’s Ultimate Strongman With A Torn Biceps

Mateusz Kieliszkowski finished in first place with 55.5 points!

Polish strongman Mateusz Kieliszkowski edged out his competition on Friday to be crowned the 2019 World’s Ultimate Strongman — his first world title.

Kieliszkowski finished on top with 55.5 points, and just behind him were the Stoltman brothers, Luke and Tom, snagging second and third place finishes with 50.5 and 47.5 points respectively. 

The World’s Ultimate Strongman was a single-day competition that took place in Dubai, the day after the World’s Ultimate Deadlift event, which Estonian strongman Rauno Heinla won with a 450-kilo pull

While Thursday’s deadlifts were certainly exciting, Friday was jam-packed with four strongman events. In the final event, Tom Stoltman set a new world record in the Atlas Stones challenge, lifting ten stones (100 to 200 kilos) in 40.7 seconds.  

2019 World’s Ultimate Strongman Results

  • First place: Mateusz Kieliszkowski, 55.5 points
  • Second place: Luke Stoltman, 50.5 points
  • Third place: Tom Stoltman, 47.5 points

After tying for last in the max deadlift, Brian Shaw managed an impressive fourth place finish with 44.5 points, just ahead of Heinla with 42.5.

Check out Tom Stolman’s World Record in the Atlas Stones event below,

How It Went Down

After yesterday’s max deadlift, this year’s contest had four events,

  • 30 Meter Vehicle Pull (23 tons)
  • Head to Head Log Press for Reps (180kg)
  • 15-Meter Yoke Run (300kg) and 15-Meter WUS Shield Carry (15m)
  • Atlas Stone Run (10 stones, 100kg – 200kg)

World’s Ultimate Strongman advertised that stone run as being the longest in strongman history.

Kieliszkowski gets to take home $75,000 with his first-place win, the same prize amount from last year’s competition, and astonishingly, he managed his won and lifted eight of the Atlas stones with a torn biceps.

In 2018 it was Hafthor Bjornsson who was crowned The World’s Ultimate Strongman. Bjornsson was in Dubai for this year’s event, however he did not compete after sharing that he is taking time off, returning to competition for next year’s Arnold Classic. The 2017 and 2019 World’s Strongest Man winners, Eddie Hall and Martins Licis, were also in attendance, and four-time World’s Strongest Man Zydrunas Savickas was a judge.

This is only the second year that the World’s Ultimate Strongman competition has existed, and even without some of the big names competing, it did not disappoint. 

Featured image via @kieliszkowskimateusz on Instagram.