Strongman Rauno Heinla Deadlifts 450kg, Wins World’s Ultimate Deadlift Competition

Rauno Heinla deadlifted a monstrous amount for the title!

The World’s Ultimate Strongman competition officially kicks off on Friday, October 25th in Dubai, however on Thursday, some of the world’s strongest men took part in the World’s Ultimate Deadlift event.

Strongman Rauno Heinla was crowned champion, deadlifting an impressive 450kg. 

This is only the second year that the World’s Ultimate Strongman event has existed, but after a strong first showing and roster in 2018, this year is expected to be huge. The deadlift competition got things started on a high-note, and Heinla’s pull was insanely smooth to watch. 

Check out Heinla’s winning pull! 

While Heinla’s 450kg pull was more than impressive and brought home the first place finish, Eddie Hall still has the heaviest deadlift-ever of 500kg. However, it’s worth nothing that Heinla’s 450kg looked incredibly smooth, and if we had to guess from the looks of it he still has plenty more in tank!

On Friday, expect to see all kinds of events go down in Dubai! At this time, we know the five events set for tomorrow, and have been informed that the final event is historic because of the distance.

World’s Ultimate Strongman Events 

  • Max Deadlift
  • 30 Meter Vehicle Pull
  • Head to Head Log Press for Reps
  • 15 Meter Yoke Run and WUS Shield Carry
  • The Longest Atlas Stone Run in Strongman History

The athlete line-up this year is pretty stellar as well and prize remains at $75,000 USD for the first place finisher. In 2018, Hafthor Bjornsson won the World’s Ultimate Strongman and walked away with $75k.

This year, Bjornsson won’t be competing, so we’re eager to find out who will be the 2019 winner of the World’s Ultimate Strongman. Additionally, Martis Licis, 2019 World’s Strongest Man, won’t be competing. Licis is recovering from an injury, and Bjornsson stated on his Instagram page that he is taking time off from competitions.

World’s Ultimate Strongman Roster

  • Matjaz Belsak
  • JF Caron
  • Ramin Farajnejad
  • Terry Hollands
  • Rauno Heinla
  • Konstantine Janashia
  • Mateusz Kieliszkowski
  • Oleksii Novikov
  • Robert Oberst
  • Jerry Pritchett
  • Krzysztof Radzikowski
  • Cheick Sanou
  • Brian Shaw
  • Mikhail Shivlyakov
  • Luke Stoltman
  • Tom Stoltman

We’re only just getting started with all the action in Dubai, so get ready for a full recap after the events wrap up tomorrow. 

Featured image @rauno_heinla Instagram page.