2019 World’s Ultimate Strongman Preview

Who will be the strongest in Dubai?

While the World’s Strongest Man and Arnold Strongman Classic are considered the top two shows in the sport of Strongman, the World’s Ultimate Strongman show in its second year but is considered by some in the sport to be a third “major” title in the making. On October 25th, the 2019 edition of the “WUS: Beasts in the Middle East” contest will be taking place. Fans that aren’t able to be there live will be able to watch the event. As for those who will be competing, here a few contenders that can be considered favorites.


Mateusz Kieliszkowski

Kieliszkowski has had a great year with his most recent win being at the Arnold Europe. He also won the Giants Live in Manchester and Wembley. He finished second in both the Arnold Strongman Classic and World’s Strongest Man this year as well. He has to be considered the favorite going into this event. Deadlifts will be a part of this event which is not his specialty so if any opponents want a chance to move ahead of him, that would be it.

Brian Shaw

The four-time World’s Strongest Man is on a mission of redemption after placing 7th at the Arnold Strongman Europe event. He has changed his nutrition plan and reunited with coach Nathan Payton. He has also been training with more intensity as seen in his YouTube videos. He finished second in this event last year to Hafthor Bjornsson.

Oleksii Novikov

Novikov has been no stranger to the top of the podium either. He won the Arnold events in South America and Africa. Both of those wins were over Kieliszkowski but Novikov came in second to him at the Arnold Europe. This growing rivalry takes its next step in Dubai.

JF Caron

Caron won this year in Fort Warwicks and placed 4th at the World’s Strongest Man this year. He is a deadlift specialist and there is a deadlift contest on October 24 so watch for him to be in the running near the end of that. He has improved overall too so if anyone has bad events, he can capitalize and move up the standings.

2019 World’s Ultimate Strongman Lineup

Matjaz Belsak

JF Caron

Ramin Farajnejad

Terry Hollands

Rauno Heinla

Konstantine Janashia

Mateusz Kieliszkowski

Oleksii Novikov

Robert Oberst

Jerry Pritchett

Krzysztof Radzikowski

Cheick Sanou

Brian Shaw

Mikhail Shivlyakov

Luke Stoltman

Tom Stoltman

Who Else Will Be There?

Hafthor Bjornsson and 2019 World’s Strongest Man Martins Licis have both said that they will be in Dubai but neither will compete. Licis is recovering from an injury and Bjornsson has stated on Instagram that he is taking time off from competitions.


There are five events for this contest which are below. The final event is considered historic due to the length of the distance. No other information on these events have been shared as of this writing.

Max Deadlift

30 Meter Vehicle Pull

Head to Head Log Press for Reps

15 Meter Yoke Run and WUS Shield Carry

The Longest Atlas Stone Run in Strongman History

Featured Image: Instagram/wsudubai