2020 CrossFit Events Canceled or Postponed Due To Coronavirus (Updated)

A continuously updated list of the status of CrossFit events.

With more and more events being either canceled, postponed, or otherwise affected by the coronavirus pandemic, we at BarBend decided it would be helpful to have a continuously updated list of CrossFit events and their current status with regard to the coronavirus.

Coronavirus CrossFit Updates

As announcements are released for the various CrossFit competitions set to take place for the 2020 season, this list will be updated to reflect event postponement/cancellations, future dates of event changes, and other details. 

Here are the events that have had details published about or have been affected thus far:

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The CrossFit Games began in 2007 as the first competition to objectively measure fitness. From inception they have been unlike traditional sports like track and field, gymnastics weightlifting, or even decathlon, specialist sports in which the events are known long in advance. The early athletes flocking to Aromas, California from around the world would be tested against a variety of unannounced events each with different movements, equipment and time domains. Competitors were required to train for the unknown, and events including long swims, obstacles courses, 1-rep max lifts, handstand walking and gymnastics apparatus became commonplace. The test has evolved continually. As top athletes return with more strength, speed, endurance, and skill they are met with new tests that take them outside their comfort zone. The 14th edition of the CrossFit Games will take place over 5 days from July 29 – August 2, 2020 in Madison, Wisconsin – #CrossFitGames #SportofFitness #Sports #Fitness #CrossFit #SupportYourLocalBox #ThisWeekonInstagram

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2020 Reebok CrossFit Games – July 29-August 2

Date of Announcement: March 11th

There has not yet been any cancellation or postponement of the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games, however CrossFitHQ has announced that “event planning procedures [will] include patient observation of the coronavirus (COVID-19).”

If the situation of the pandemic requires additional action be taken with regard to the Games, CrossFitHQ “will coordinate with local authorities and share relevant event information as appropriate.”

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In the interest of allowing more time to collect and process all information concerning the COVID-19 outbreak, the decision has been reached to push back the scheduled date of the 2020 Rogue Invitational in Columbus, OH, from the weekend of May 16-17 to the weekend of June 13-14, 2020. We hope that this date change will give the athletes, spectators, vendors and the events team some much needed time to be able to focus on their own health and safety. We apologize for any inconvenience, and want all ticket holders to know that their tickets are and will be fully refundable at any time on or before June 7th. We plan to provide a complete update with any and all new information on April 15th. If you have already purchased a ticket, your original ticket is valid for the new dates. From everyone at Rogue, we thank you for your understanding and continued support for healthier, stronger living. Inquires for: Tickets: [email protected] Volunteers: [email protected] Athletes: [email protected] All other inquiries: [email protected]

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Rogue Invitational

Date of Announcement: March 18th.

Follow up annoucement: March 24th.

The Rogue Invitational held at Rogue HQ in Columbus, OH originally scheduled for May 16-17th has been postponed. The new date is June 13-14 and the competition has moved online. The event will be streamed.

“Bringing 6,000 people from all over the world is not the right thing to do given the crisis the world faces today. We want to have an event with the athletes, spectators and vendors all feel safe without hesitation.”

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The Rogue leadership team has decided to move the @rogueinvitational in Columbus, Ohio to an online event. Our goal is to stream from the athlete's location to a live event that the whole world can watch. Same events team, we just have a new mission. The streamed event will take place on June 13-14. Same prize money just on a different platform. We believe we can still bring people together for a great competition and will pivot our events staff to think differently. Bringing 6,000 people from all over the world is not the right thing to do given the crisis the world faces today. We want to have an event with the athletes, spectators and vendors all feel safe without hesitation. No need to ask for a refund, we are processing every ticket holder’s refund right now. You will get your money back. Thanks for your support. The Rogue Team Inquires for: Tickets: [email protected] Volunteers: [email protected] Athletes: [email protected] All other inquiries: [email protected]

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CrossFit West Coast Classic – March 20

Date of Announcement: March 12th

The CrossFit West Coast Classic set to take place in Del Mar, California has been postponed just eight days prior to its scheduled date of March 2oth. This announcement happened in accordance with the California government’s state ban on large gatherings to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

A replacement date is being considered but has not yet been determined.

2020 CrossFit German Throwdown – March 28-29

Date of Announcement: March 11th

The 2020 CrossFit German Throwdown made the announcement that it would be postponed until a later date. That future date has not yet been announced, but we will update this article with that information as soon as it is available.

2020 CrossFit Italian Showdown – April 24-26

Date of Announcement: March 11th

  • Update March 13th: CrossFit HQ has announced that athletes will not be permitted to qualify for the CrossFit Games through the Italian Showdown’s online competition. 

With the ongoing government shutdown in Italy due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 CrossFit Italian Showdown has been adjusted to be an online competition.

As more updated continue to roll in for the 2020 CrossFit Games and Sanctionals, we’ll update this list accordingly with publicized developments.

Dubai CrossFit Championship

The Dubai CrossFit Championship has officially canceled their 2020 event.

CrossFit Coronavirus Event Updates FAQ

Is the CrossFit Italian Showdown canceled?

The CrossFit Italian Showdown is not fully canceled and has been adjusted to an online competition.

Is the CrossFit German Throwdown cancelled?

The CrossFit German Showdown has been postponed to a later date. Event organizers have yet to announce the new date of competition.

Is the CrossFit West Coast Classic cancelled?

Due to California’s limitations on large gatherings, the CrossFit West Coast Classic has been postponed to a later. Event organizers have not decided and released a future date yet.

Are the 2020 CrossFit Games cancelled?

The 2020 CrossFit Games have not been canceled or postponed as of March 13th, 2020. CrossFit HQ announced that they will be taking COVID-19 patient observation seriously and plan to implement it in some form at this year’s Games.

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